Five Signs That You Might Be Addicted To Jewellery

Five Signs That You Might Be Addicted To Jewellery

August 30, 2018

It has always been said that a girl can never have too much jewellery — and at Mint & Birch, we couldn't agree more. As a manufacturer of handmade bar jewellery, we understand the addiction to bling a little more than most. There is just something about jewellery that can complete an outfit that otherwise would not feel whole. Because of the illustrious appeal of jewellery, it makes sense that it is so easy to buy it — but are you an addict?

Below, your provider of bar jewellery, Mint & Birch, will be discussing a few of the signs that could show that you are an addict when it comes to buying jewellery.

Your Pinterest Is All Jewellery

You might be a jewellery addict if all you do is think about jewellery, or what personalised necklace might be perfect for your next outfit. A good sign that you think about jewellery a little too much is if your Pinterest is chock full of images of necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Price Is Not An Issue

If you find yourself searching online, or frequenting your local jewellery store, on a weekly basis to see if new products have been added, you might be a jewellery connoisseur — but if you do not even look at the price tag, you might be an addict. We get it, every once and a while you just have to treat yourself, but just be careful to not make it a habit.

You Can’t Leave The House Without It

Say you leave the house to go meet up with one of your friends for brunch. If you have driven for about ten minutes and you realize that you are not wearing any jewellery, what do you do? Your average fashionista might just think “Oh well, I’ll just remember next time,” but your jewellery addict will turn around and go back. 

You Plan Your Outfits Around Your Jewellery

There is a reason that jewellery is called an accessory — it is meant to complement an existing outfit. If you plan your outfits around your jewellery, you might be an addict.

You Have Nowhere To Store It

A telltale sign that you have too much jewellery is that you struggle to find places to put it. Some people once used their jewellery box, but have since graduated to a dresser drawer to accommodate their growing collection. If you find yourself in this situation, you might be a jewellery addict.

Speaking Of Jewellery, Have You Seen Ours?

We aren't here to say that being a jewellery addict is a bad thing, we are just here to tell you that you might be one — and who are we to judge. As a manufacturer of handmade bar jewelry ranging from simple bar necklaces to personalised bar necklaces and GPS coordinate jewellery, we understand why you might like jewellery so much.

As a connoisseur of jewellery, we urge you to check out our collections of bar jewellery today. If you have any questions about our necklaces or have any feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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