Four Reasons to Shop For Jewellery Online

Four Reasons to Shop For Jewellery Online

August 15, 2018

Are you in the market for personalised jewellery? Or even blank, chic, jewellery? There are a couple of ways that you could go about finding the perfect piece of jewellery, but at Mint & Birch, we think that the way to go is to shop online. Granted, being that we are a jewellery store online where you can buy personalised bar necklaces, we are a little biased. But in today’s blog post we are going to explain to you why we believe that online shopping provides more benefits than shopping for jewellery in a store.

Shopping In A Store Will Not Let You Focus

If you are looking for jewellery in a store, you will likely be working with a salesman or saleswoman who is motivated to make a sale. They will have you try stuff on, and at some point, you will likely realize that you are trying on a ring when you came to the store to shop for a necklace. When you shop online, you will only see the jewellery that you intended to buy in the first place. For example, if you search “personalised gold bar necklace” it is likely that the Mint & Birch, or other bar necklace manufacturers', website will pop up — showing you the product that you intended to buy in the first place.

Custom Designs 

If you find yourself at a jewellery store, it is likely that the most intimate design you could have customized on a piece of jewellery is a small engraving inside a ring, or on the backside of a necklace, but what if you wanted the piece to have more meaning? Online stores such as our own build the personalised necklaces to fit your needs rather than designing a necklace for someone else’s needs and simply adding an engraving to the back.

You Have Return Options

Most jewellery stores have a strict no return policy as much like a car, once you take the product off of the lot the value of the jewellery depreciates as soon as you leave the store. When you shop from an online jewellery retailer like us, we offer return or exchange policies on jewellery as long as it has not been worn (for sanitary reasons).

It is Delivered To Your Doorstep

We know we shouldn't glorify the laziness of online shopping, but we see it in a different way. Instead, we have seen online shopping as an efficient way to have customized bar necklaces and other personalised jewellery to your doorstep while you continue on with your busy life.

Shop Online Today With Mint & Birch

If you are interested in a quick, easy, and efficient way to find jewellery that fits your personality, be sure to shop online today at the Mint & Birch store. We offer a number of personalised necklaces ranging from engraved name bar necklaces to GPS coordinates necklaces and more!

If you have any questions about our personalised necklaces or any of the other jewellery that we sell online, we urge you to contact us right away! We hope you find just what you need, and if you don't, let us know what we can do for you.

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