Two Fashion Trends We Have Noticed

Two Spring Fashion Trends That We Have Noticed

April 30, 2018

Finally, spring is upon us, meaning fashion styles are about to change quite drastically. While you may assume that we are talking about people trading their puffy down parkas with colourful tank tops (and you are not wrong about that), what we are really alluding to is the annual shift where some of the last year's fashion trends that were hot, are now not.  While obviously, you should always take fashion trends with a grain of salt, because they will inevitably change, sometimes it is nice to be at the forefront of the new trend.

In today's blog, we will be discussing the new fashion trends that are beginning to flourish as fast as the snow is melting.


By definition, a pastel colour is a colour that has a high colour value while also exhibiting low-to-intermediate saturation. While the technical definition is somewhat pleasing, it basically means colours that are usually vibrant that have been “dulled” down.  Part of the allure that pastels can provide is that they tend to be associated with elegance, such as the pastel shaded artworks of the romantic period. Elegance aside, pastels can also be associated with the toys and movies of our childhood, as early animation so eagerly used.

So pastels represent two seemingly different things that can be described as on opposite ends of the spectrum; so what can we take away from this? Well, it is our best guess here at Mint & Birch that the pastels of the present represent a hybrid of the two, as an almost “playful” elegance. So what are you waiting for? Hop into some pastels and enjoy the warm summer air.

Additionally, pastels pair extremely well with jewellery, particularly that of shiny jewellery as the dull pastel colours really bring out the shine of a piece. Jewellery like a gold triangle necklace, personalised gold bar necklace, or a personalised silver necklace can stand out on the pasty backdrop of a pastel shirt or dress. And don't fret, if dull pieces seem to better suit you, materials like personalised rose gold necklaces can also compliment pastel colours. Check out our inventory of personalised necklaces today to see if any of our customizable bar necklaces catch your eye.

Fanny Packs

Yeah, you read that right. Fanny packs are something that the fashion world never expected to come back into style because, after all, it did get pushed very far into the idealistic image of “nerdy” or “dorky” culture, but alas, here we are.

Fanny packs, in their prime, were usually accompanied by overalls, tracksuits, and other quirky looks that made a statement. With the quirky statement-making looks on the rise again, fanny packs may see their day once again.

So how can you compliment your fanny pack? It’s actually rather simple; make a statement. One way (that we are impartial to) to make a statement is to exploit your exploit your personal brand. And what better way to do so than to build your own personalised necklace. Treat yourself with GPS coordinate jewellery, an engraved name bar necklace, or a customized bar necklace that says anything else you could possibly want.

Let Mint & Birch Make A Customized Bar Necklace For You

Whether you like the above trends or not, a customizable bar necklace is sure to set you apart from others. Check out our large inventory of necklaces today, and see if they spark any ideas for you!

Contact us today if you have any questions about our products.

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