Why Some Jewelry Looks Cheap

Why Some Jewelry Looks Cheap

July 17, 2018

Jewellery is something that every single one of us loves and simply can’t get enough of. It can be the finishing touches on an outfit, or it can make the outfit entirely — the only issue is that it is expensive when you buy a lot of jewellery, forcing you to buy it slowly over time. Sadly, some people can’t wait so they end up spending their money on cheaper jewellery.

While cheap jewellery is easy to acquire and less damaging to your bank account, there is one fundamental problem — it almost always looks cheap. Granted, some companies can pull it off, but for most, they are either sacrificing the amount of money they spend on production or the quality of the product itself.

At Mint & Birch, it is our mission to not only make affordable jewellery but also to craft it out of high-quality products that you can wear proudly.  

Our Product

Our bar jewellery is crafted from 100 percent ethically sourced gold and silver fill, meaning that it is not as expensive as pure gold and silver fill jewellery, but it looks just as high-quality. Additionally, once we have sourced the metals we handcraft them, ensuring that there will be no marks or blemishes from machining.

Other Jewellery

Cheap jewellery is produced using a number of products ranging from metals to plastics and composites. Essentially, the only thing that they aren't made from is actual gold and silver. In order to make them appear as if they are made from actual precious metals, they are often painted or resurfaced, creating a tacky and unrealistically shiny shimmer.

Some of the most common materials that are sourced for cheap jewellery are sourced from materials like brass, pewter, plastics, and acrylic that have been coated in a thin coat of precious metal or paint, saving the producer from having to pay for up to 80 percent more gold.

The jewellery marketplace is saturated with an abundance of poorly made, or unethically sourced materials, being why we might sound a bit like a broken record here at Mint & Birch when we point out that our quality bar jewellery is made from silver and gold fill that has been ethically sourced.

Shop For Affordable, High Quality, Jewellery At Mint & Birch

In a marketplace that is saturated with cheap and fake jewellery, we have made it our mission to sell cute, stylish, and high-quality bar jewellery at an affordable price. “Why?”, you might ask. Well, we believe that everyone should be able to feel good about the jewellery they wear without having to dent their bank accounts.

If you are interested in high-quality affordable bar necklaces, we urge you to check out our online shop. Our customizable bar necklaces are the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or even yourself — so be sure to take a look today. Additionally, if you have any questions about our products please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our frequently asked questions page! Happy shopping.

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