Why True Beauty Lies In Simplicity

Why True Beauty Lies In Simplicity

May 25, 2018

In a world of increasingly complex things, it is simplicity that is beginning to stand out. As time has progressed, the human race has gone through phases where the attractiveness of simplicity and complexity have fluctuated back and forth in the plane of human desire. Take, for example, how between the 14th and the 17th century during The Renaissance the popular designs featured complexity in textiles, architecture, and paintings, while now society idealizes simple and chic designs.  Much like the simple, smooth, straightforward designs and architecture today, our personalised necklaces here at Mint & Birch are designed to represent the popular simplistic look that currently reigns supreme. But why is simplicity so dearly idealized?

Well, the answer is quite simple — as when culture normalizes complex arts and jewellery, it is the simple pieces that start to stand out. Take for instance our triangle pendant necklace or our engraved name bar necklaces. If there was a room full of complex bead and diamond necklaces, it is not the majority that will stand out, but rather the simple sheen of one of our rose gold, yellow gold, or silver customized bar necklace. In fact, a simplistic style itself can make a statement.

Why Simple And Minimalistic Styles Reign Supreme

Minimalistic and simple designs have taken over the fashion world, and they are here to stay. The appeal of minimalistic jewellery is that it is extremely versatile as compared to its complex counterpart. When you flaunt a complex piece, studded and engraved with flashy beads and diamonds, you are almost restricted to wear that piece exclusively to events that resemble a gala or a fancy gathering.  When you wear a simplistic and minimalistic piece like a customized bar necklace you are not limited to wearing it in strictly social situations as it can pair well with a flowy sundress just as easily as your little black dress.

Don’t Distract Others From You

At Mint & Birch, we believe that jewellery should not be designed to make you beautiful, because you already are. Instead, the jewellery should compliment your beauty. Wearing a large, intricate, piece around your neck can be a distraction from you, rather than being an addition to your outfit. On the contrary, a customized bar necklace like an engraved name bar necklace can compliment your outfit and style without demanding any of the attention.

Mint & Birch Customizable Bar Necklaces: Compliment Yourself

Like we said earlier, you are already beautiful, so rather than looking for a distracting piece of jewellery add a minimalist piece to your collection. Featuring personalised silver bar necklaces, personalised gold bar necklaces, and personalised rose gold bar necklaces, our inventory here at Mint & Birch is meant to be the support of your outfit, not the leading role — because that should be you.

Customize your necklace with the GPS coordinates of a location that means something to you, the names of your children, or the name of a loved one that has passed, creating meaning and fostering beauty all at the same time.

We urge you to check out our inventory of minimalistic jewellery today. Contact us if you have any questions about our customizable bar necklaces.

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