Forever Mama ® T-Shirt


Screen printed with black in, Mint & Birch's Forever Mama ®  brand on Bella Canvas Ladies’ Triblend Tee on White Fleck with ash and grey tones. This tee fits small, go up a size if you desire a looser fit. This is a very, very lightweight shirt. 

Forever Mama™ Designs exclusively designed at Mint & Birch. This collection is was designed to celebrate and honour motherhood. FOREVER mama™ can mean different things to different mamas. Regardless of what it means to you, FOREVER Mama™ is an eternal role that carries eternal, unconditional love. Read more about our story below or view Forever Mama ®   jewelry here

A little bit of a personal background. This is an original Mint & Birch design and branded to Mint & Birch.

Forever Mama ®   From day one, our children fill every crevice and space in our hearts. No matter what your story of Motherhood tells, once a one becomes a mama, she is forever changed. Forever Mama ™ means different things to different mamas. For some, it represents an everlasting love that breaks all odds. For others, it represents a mama's sacrificial love for her children. Forever Mama ®  may be a reminder for other mamas, that even if they don't have a mama, they are still their children's Forever Mama ® 

This piece is inspired by my own story. I grew up in a non-ideal situation where my own mother neglected us and eventually abandoned us (this won't be a sob story, I promise!) When I had kids, I vowed to never forget that I am FOREVER my kids' mama. That means I love them unconditionally, with no bounds and most importantly, that I am always there for them. Whether they are 2 or 18, no matter how much they "act out," "misbehave," or "rebel," I am still their forever mama. I was quite the angry teenager and I know that on the outside, I seemed like a fleeting, rebellious teenager who wanted nothing but to be angry and hurt. But inside, I was crying out for the type of love that only a mother could give. And this little piece I designed is something I made for myself to remember that 1.) I am not my mother, and also 2.) to remind myself how important that unconditional, ever present motherly love is. Through the tantrums, through the bedtime delaying tactics, through the crayon scribbled walls. I am forever mama.


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