Heart Pendant Necklace ♡ CUSTOM


Subtle and small, this little heart pendant has been cut out of a thick sheet of gold fill or sterling silver. Each one is handmade out of thick sheets of precious metal. Every one has been cut by Jessica. The pendant measures about 12mm wide. This unique heart has smooth corners and has a subtle shape of a heart, making it a perfect piece to wear with even the most sophisticated of outfits. Choose to have an initial or a short word stamped on it! This necklace can only be stamped on one side. 

To order, use the drop down menu to select options and use the notes box to enter what you'd like stamped. Please indicate if you'd like the customization to be stamped across the heart centered or angled to the side to be parallel to the side of the heart. (See last photo for reference). Unless otherwise noted, the pendant will be drilled on the side and hung sideways. Please see the photos for reference.  Please let us know if you'd like it drilled on the left and hung, drilled on the tops, or drilled on the right and hung. If no drilling option is given, it will be drilled on the left and hung to the side. 

Please note that for designs (such as bears, moons, constellations, etc, only one image may fit). Please contact us prior to ordering if you'd like to check the fit of a design.

♡ Please CONTACT US if you'd like to design a piece together. Otherwise, we will use our discretion to stamp the customization notes. 

♡Please see the ​FONT AND SIZE GUIDE to pick your font.

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