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While cleaning up the workshop, we found some old sheets of gold fill that we purchased when we first started making necklaces!  Since these thinner sheets are not our "standard," we were going to recycle them. While recycling gold fill is sustainable, it is not as sustainable as using these sheets up! To view our regular bars, see here. So, in an effort to be sustainable, we decided to offer bars out of them, because these sheets are still quality gold-fill that is meant for everyday wear.

We also wanted to offer something at a different price point while we still have these sheets! Our regular bars are a little on the higher end of the spectrum for pricing - We will never apologize for the way we price our luxurious bars, and if you’ve felt one in your hands, you’ll know they are worth every penny. But we also want to make quality gold-fill necklaces available to as many as we can, so this is a way for us to offer that! Everyone deserves a piece of quality jewellery to celebrate their story!

They will be here to stay if here is a demand for this option. This is part of what it means to use precious metals ethically, responsibly and sustainably- to use material to the best that we can, with as little waste and energy consumed!

A few important things to note about this necklace. Please view photos to see the difference. We have included several photos of the different thicknesses to show the difference.

On October 12th, 2018 we changed the sizing of these bars from the 1.5 inches to 1.25 inches in length, and made them a little thicker. This is because we are keeping this option and have used up almost all of the thinner sheets we had on hand and have found some slightly thicker sheets in storage (but not as thick as our regular option). We decided to keep this price point, and in order to be able to keep this price point but offer something that can hold more font options than our previous LITE bars.  

The thickness of these bars is deemed to be about average in the industry, but thinner for our standards.



  • These bars do NOT have the same luxurious feel as our regular necklaces. They are lighter but still substantial.
  • There is less precious metal content than in our regular option, but still made out of the same precious metal (14k gold fill) as our regular option.
  • This is a smaller bar, so less can be stamped on it. Please see font selection guide at the bottom of this listing.
  • In order for us to offer these bars at this price, these will be minimally packaged, without a gift box, regardless of what option you pick for shipping.
  • It will come on a thinner chain, to keep this at a price that is budget friendly.
  • Impression of stamped letters may not be as deep, as this bar is significantly thinner.

What's the SAME?

  • They are still made out of 14 karat gold fill, and will not tarnish.
  • Made smaller, but same proportions as our standard size.
  • They are still ethically sourced, free of heavy metals and safe to wear.
  • Most importantly, they are still made by hand. Each one is still cut, filed, drilled, stamped and polished by hand. They take substantially less time to file because of the thinness of the sheets, but are still very much a piece of quality jewellery.
  • Still meant for everyday wear!

This is a smaller bar than our standard sized bars, so there will be limitations to some fonts. If your customization has letters with downswings (such as in g, p, y, q, j), or upswings (such as in letters d, t, b, f, l, h, k), we recommend a smaller font such as storybook, or a font with less variances of sizing between the up/down swings and other letters.

If you have up/downswings in your customization we recommend:
- Minimalist
- Lavender
- Storybook

- Tiny sayings
- Cashmere
- Wanderlust (for some letters)

For example, if you have the name “abigail,” we suggest using the fonts lavender, minimalist, storybook. Fonts we do NOT recommend for names with up/down swings are: lace, calligraphy, meadow, ocean, sunset. But please contact Jessica if you have any questions at all, or click on the little Facebook Icon on the bottom right to send a message! 

Please contact us if you have any questions at all!

Gift boxes are unavailable for this item, but will be packaged in a plain white box.

We will not be sending "in stock" notifications for this particular item. We will announce on social media when these are available!

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