Affirmation Bar •Mamas for Mamas•

Mint & Birch has partnered with Mamas for Mamas with this specific piece. 10% of each necklace from any of these pieces, either the Affirmation Mama Disc or the Affirmation Bar will be donated.

This petite bar, measuring 1 inch wide and 1/4 inch tall.

Choose from 14k Gold Fill in Rose or Yellow Gold, or solid sterling silver. All our pieces are cut and polished by hand out of sheets of ethically sourced precious metals by Jessica.

All our pieces are
 lovingly gift boxed in a foiled Mint box, ready for gift giving!

Mamas, you are nurturing the very little people that will make up the next generation of dreamers, artists, lovers, thinkers and world-changers. A perpetual, endless cycle of beauty, courage, intrinsic worth and bravery.

This piece was therapeutic for me to make because it holds a special space in my heart. When I was first asked to partner with Mamas for Mamas, I reflected upon the time that my own estranged mother would have benefitted from a program such as this. 

These pieces have been personally hand drawn by me with a pencil in hand! This Affirmation necklace is especially special to my heart because this is what my own estranged mama would have needed to hear. It is what every mama deserves to be affirmed for. Every mama is brave, courageous, beautiful and worthy. She didn’t believe it because she wasn’t affirmed and felt completely alone. I sometimes wonder what would have been, if perhaps the right people had come into her life at just the right time to reminder her that she IS courageous to be a single, homeless mama. That she was worthy of the love that her children offered, and that her love was valuable. That she was beautiful. In a sense, this necklace is a message to the mother that needed to hear it the most at a crucial time: my own estranged mother. Perhaps things would have ended up differently.

Affirmations are important. Affirmations remind us of the strength and courage that we already have within.


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