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Triangle Necklace |CUSTOM|

  • + T O  O R D E R + Easy peasy!

    1.  Please see the font options in the "font chart and size guide" underneath the main photo.
    2. In notes, please indicate what words and font you'd like. We can only fit about 2 words on this triangle necklace. Please contact us here  before purchase if you are unsure if your words will fit. We can stamp numbers and hearts. If no font is selected it will be whatever is closed to the first photo in this listing. Please note that the heartstrings font will NOT fit on this bar unless it is one or two letters. BOHO LOVE will not fit unless it is one word with about 4 letters. Madeline will not fit with longer words on this triangle. The best fonts to use for this triangle would be wanderlust, tiny sayings, storybook, galaxy, minimalist, or sunset.

      These triangles are handcrafted and polished to perfection and come on shiny, sparkly chains! Each triangle is made from thicker, high quality sheets of 14k rose or yellow gold fill. Each triangle is about 1.5mm on each side and will vary as each one is cut by hand. No need to worry about tarnish, as gold fill is NOT the same as plated jewellery- it will not flake off or change colours and will last for years to come.

      Depending on the length of the name, we may need to slant the or words. If you select more than one line, word or phrase, they may not be parallel. We reserve the right to stamp the name as we see fits best. 

    F O N T   I N F O : 

    Sunset: Brush style font with a boho feel. Scripted freely and beautifully like brushed strokes. Letters will vary widely between 1.5 mm to 5mm. Letters such as the t, y, z, g are larger, with most vowels being smaller.  Lowercase only.  

    Storybook: Simple, playful but elegant cursive font. Letters are about 2.5-3mm. This font features beautiful loops. Lowercase only. 

    Calligraphy: Elegant font that resembles calligraphy! Letters vary in size, but is about 2-3 mm in size on average. Letters like the a, o are smaller while letters with the beautiful strokes (like the j, y) are a bit bigger. The r has a smaller foot as shown in sample photos. This is a scripted font. Only lowercase.

    Wanderlust: This is a beautiful font that has a dancing baseline. It is flowy, fun yet elegant. Letters range in size from about 1.5-3.75mm. Please note this is a free/flowy/whimsical font. Because of the design and style of the font, letters such as the a are much smaller than letters such as h. This font features smaller vowels. The letter r does not have a foot. See photo for reference. Lowercase only.

    Love Letters: Similar to calligraphy, but more slanted as if written with a quill on parchment paper with a love note for a loved one. Letters range in size but will be about 3mm. Lowercase only. 

    Heartstrings: Letters resembling string, and words will connect as if strung like string across a bar necklace. Who pulls at your heartstrings? String their name across a bar necklace! Letters are about 3.5-4.15mm wide. Can fit about 7 characters on a standard bar, and about 10 on a longer bar. Lowercase only. 

    Madeline: Free writing font with flowing letters. About 2-3mm tall letters. Letters are a bit wider than other fonts, therefore character limit is a bit lower for bar necklaces. Available in upper and lowercase.

    Cursive: A pretty font that resembles old-fashioned cursive writing. Simple, but pretty! Each letter is about 3mm on average. Upper and Lowercase.

    Brentwood: Resembles printed handwriting. This is quite a small font, and the letters are just under 2.5mm on average, ranging from 2-3mm depending on the letter. Upper and Lowercase.

    Galaxy: A clean, minimalist stylish font with a modern vibe. Letters are about 2.5mm. Uppercase only. 

    MINIMALIST: A small, uppercase font that is classic and simple. It is a smaller font, about 1.5 mm in height. Available in uppercase and is the default font for numbers.

    Tiny Sayings: This is a super small, dainty font. Each letter varies in size between 1-1.5mm! This is great if you would like a longer saying that you need to fit on a bar, or more names to fit on a bar. The font style resembles something printed out of a vintage newspaper. Lowercase AND numbers.

    Boho Love: Printed letters. Letters are about 4mm tall.  Uppercase only.  

    Print: Simple, plain font that's always a favourite! It is playful yet simple. Letters vary but are about 3mm in size. Lowercase only. 

    Newspaper: Resembles a type that you’d see out of a vintage newspaper. Letters are about 2-3mm tall. Skinnier font than Print. Upper and Lowercase, plus numbers to match. 

    *Please note that by default, if numbers are requested, they will be plain as shown on the minimalist font. 
    *Scripted fonts such as the storybook, wanderlust and calligraphy are a designer font, and are not a block font so please understand that it resembles free hand writing or brushed writing. Because they are designer fonts, they are handcrafted fonts. Please keep that in mind if you select any of our scripted or designer fonts in that every designer font has a style that is unique. Please contact us directly here if you have any questions regarding font choices and we would love to assist you!

  • These shiny llittle triangles are handcrafted to order. They have all been hand cut, hand stamped, hand drilled and polished to a shine! Choose from rose gold filled, yellow gold filled or sterling by adding the matching listing to your cart. Gold fill chains are flat cable and are very dainty, and very shiny. Sterling chains are an oval cable. 

    Each triangle measures approximately 1.25-1.5 cm wide on each side. The sides are not all even as this is not an equilateral triangle. These are hand cut, so not every one will be exactly that size, but will be close to it. Chain length is 17.5-18 inches (standard length). Need a different length? Please see HERE. 

    This is the perfect everyday necklace for every outfit! 

    This necklace is very dainty, and the chain is very thin and light, but super shiny! What's gold fill? Gold fill necklaces are made out of real, 14k gold that is bonded (not plated) to a base core. It will never flake or wear off, unlike plated jewellery. It's the next best thing to solid gold. You can polish the whole bar with a polish pad to remove dirt or finger prints. Please note that each necklace is handmade to order- hand cut, hand stamped and finished all by hand. Each letter is stamped on individually- due to the nature of handmade, variations in letter placement, spacing and depth may occur. This is not a flaw, but a feature of handmade. Each necklace will be handmade beautifully just for you! 

    Please note that this chain is very light, sparkly and dainty. It has closed and soldered links to prevent breakage, however, like any other piece of dainty jewellery, if it is pulled on by a toddler or child, it will break. Please be aware of this when you are purchasing. We do offer repair services (see our policies page linked at the bottom of this listing for more info). 

    Please see our FAQ section for more about necklace care and information. For sterling silver: By nature, sterling silver oxidizes especially in humid environments, but can be polished up with a polish cloth. 

    As always, each order is packaged with care and attention to detail, ready to gift to someone, or as a treat to yourself! We promise you'll enjoy unwrapping this pretty package to find a very cute and classy necklace!  Please note that you are purchasing a handmade product. Letter placement will vary slightly and will not be exactly as shown. We stamp each letter individually, so each necklace will vary slightly. We do not purchase  mass produced charms, attach them to a chain and call it "handmade." Instead, we pride ourselves in stamping each letter on each bar by hand, one by one. If you are not happy with any variance, please reconsider purchasing.  

    Please contact us directly before ordering if you need symbols, accents or special punctuation. Please note which fonts come in upper or lower case. For fonts that come in both upper and lower case, we will stamp the word(s) exactly the way that you had indicated in the notes. (For example, if you select a font with both upper and lower case letters, and type in "Mary," we will capitalize the M. If you type in "Mary" for fonts that only come in lowercase, we will stamp "mary" on your bar.  *Please note that any numbers requested, unless otherwise specified will be in the MINIMALIST font.* It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their notes at check out are clear and understandable and that what they are requesting is indeed what they'd like. Letters will not be darkened. 

    For turnaround time and shipping information, please review our shop policies. Customer agrees to shop policies upon purchasing. To view shop policies, please see here. Handmade in Canada. 

  • Need to change the length from the standard 18 inches? Easy peasy! To change your length, please add this listing below to your cart so that we can ensure that we make your necklace the length you desire! 

    Please see HERE to change your length. There will be no fee to shorten your chain. 

Font & Size Guide