Heartstrings Mama | Skinny Brass Cuff


Our skinny cuff in mama heartstrings font!

We hand cut each one of these cuffs out of very large sheets of thick, high quality brass. We do not buy blanks! These babies are made from scratch! These are  one size but also adjustable to any wrist size. Comes gift boxed. These are SKINNY cuffs, measuring about 3-4mm wide. Each one is cut to order so will vary slightly. 

M E A S U R M E N T S   &  S P E C I F I C S : 

These brass cuffs are 4mm inch by about 6 inches but can be adjusted to fit your wrist by squeezing it open/closed. This is a brass cuff necklace, and a polishing cloth will be provided to you to polish your cuff. Please note that brass is not the same as gold. Brass does contain some copper (added to create the gold color). Be assured that we only buy high quality brass graded to make jewellery- this is not industrial brass.  Please note that some people will react to brass (and copper) and that a green tinge may form. This can be minimized by coating the inside of your bracelet with some beeswax, or polishing often. 

Brass is a softer material, please take care not to get it caught or pulled by clothing or loops of clothing as it may become bent out of shape. This would be the same for gold or sterling. However, it is easy to bend it back. The more that it is worn, the more permanent the cuff shape will be overtime, and the harder the cuff will become. We do offer services to re-shape your cuff if need be.  

Brass will naturally oxidize over time, but can be polished back up easily. Oxidation does NOT reflect on quality. In fact, a $500 sterling silver necklace will indeed oxidize as well. Rate of oxidation will depend on where you live as humidity may speed the process of oxidation. When you initially receive the bracelet it may leave a tinge on your arm for the first week, but with wear this will completely disappear. This is the brass cuff shedding the oxidation that may have occurred during shipping. Brass does contain some copper (added to create the gold color). If you are worried about reacting to copper, you can message us for a quote for a gold filled cuff. Again, oxidation is removable and your brass cuff can be polished very easily with a polish pad, or even some ketchup. (The acidity helps wipe away oxidation). We provide a polishing pad with your purchase, but if you need more, you can contact us for more. Please note that each brass cuff has been hand cut and hand stamps so natural variations will occur in terms of letter placement and depth. Brass is a softer metal, like gold and small scratches may occur over time, but most scratches can be buffed and polished! These brass bar cuffs are meant to be worn everyday. The darkening agent on each letter may fade, but we can email instructions on how to easily restore it. Please contact us if you have any questions at all hereTo view shop policies, please see here


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