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    USA/AUS/INT Open Listings

    Hi! It's Jessica! I sometimes open and close listings for shipping due to the high demand of my pieces. I also have 5 kids, so I juggle this as my full time job being a mama! 

    Due to high demand, I occasionally have to limit orders to make sure that I put 110% into each piece. If you’ve ever held a Mint & Birch piece in your hand, you’ll know what I mean! Each piece is cut by me (Jessica!) out of sheets of precious metals: 14 karat rose or yellow gold fill, or solid sterling silver. Each price is filed, drilled, engraved, stamped and polished at each step of the process by my own hands! You can find these available listings! If you see something you’d like and available, you can order! Each piece will be made just for you! 

    Mint & Birch pieces are different in that each piece is individually hand finished. I don't buy blanks. Everything you see is created from sheets of precious. Because of this, I am careful to not take on too much as I want to pour 110% of myself into your special pieces. 


    Please note if there is something that you are looking for specifically and it is not currently open, there usually is no schedule or specific date that it will be back. I usually just need a few days to catch up on current orders before opening it back up. This page is updated real-time so you can refresh it to see when an item is back! 

    Mama & Babe Discs from $81.00 CAD
    Engraved Add-Ons from $26.00 CAD
    The Mint & Birch Claspie from $22.00 CAD
    Footprint Heart Engraved from $90.00 CAD
    Esmeralda Choker $51.00 CAD
    Rainbow Necklace from $51.00 CAD
    Stardust Choker $46.00 CAD
    Hand-drawn Rainbow from $64.00 CAD
    Honey Bee Diamond from $74.00 CAD
    Pinky Promise from $64.00 CAD
    Birth Diamond Necklace from $74.00 CAD
    Adventure Necklace from $64.00 CAD
    Quartz Choker $46.00 CAD