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Current availability status will be updated in real time. You are able to browse and play with the drop down menus even if an item is not available.  If an item is not available, please know that it will open back up as soon as possible. I aim to be open most of the time. I update social media regularly with availability information on Instagram and Facebook!


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CURRENT UPDATE, Early Feb 2021
Without needing to divulge all of the details of my personal life, our family is going through a transition period due to changing work schedules and my husband being at his front line job. We are in the midst of adjusting to this new schedule. I work full time at home, and my husband also works full time. We have no childcare and we also do homeschool, so we have to be creative in how we set our schedules. Currently, we are adjusting to this new routine over the next few weeks. I do not take on more than I can handle because I want to ensure that I only take on what I can put 110% of myself into. I do not run this business simply to make money. There is no warehouse full of people making these necklaces! These are lovingly made by me with careful, skilled craftsmanship. You will know what a Mint & Birch piece if you've felt one in your hands! I promise they are worth the wait!

I ask for patience as I adjust to this new schedule! I also have 5 babies, so my first priority is to take care of them. I don't always have a specific date set. If there is a specific date, I will announce it here. 

I do aim to stay open most of the time, we are just in a a transition period!

I understand that it may be frustrating for me to open and close items every now and then, but I want to make sure that I commit to the quality of my work! Also, as a mama of 5, there are fluctuations in which my children need me more and I adjust my work schedule based on that. Our family's schedule is very fluid due to shift work, so changes happen to our schedules as needed. When you are purchasing a piece from Mint & Birch, you're getting something made with 110% of my undivided attention. I focus on quality over quantity! There is no warehouse that these pieces are being manufactured in. These pieces are all made by me by hand in my home studio!

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