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    Instructions on how to send your necklace back to me to adjust or repair!

    1. Make sure you have filled out the chain service form here!

    2. Please send your necklace back to me! Please make sure you securely package your necklace to prevent it from sliding out of the envelope. Please do not simply place the necklace into an envelope! A friendly reminder to please ensure it is free from fragrance as it makes it hard for me to work when I sneeze a lot!

    Mint & Birch
    PO Box 61672 BROOKSWOOD

    Please send it back to my PO Box. It cannot be dropped off.

    If you are not wanting to put your name with the return address on the envelope, I totally understand.
    However, please at least include a return address in case anything happens. 

    If you choose to only put the return address on the envelope, please put some sort of identifying information on the outside of your envelope so I know who it is for. For example, you could put your chain order number in the corner or on the back. I cannot tell what your name is based on an address. I will not open your package if I do not know who's necklace it is. 

    It is highly recommended to ship with tracking and/or insurance so that you can track when it arrives at our mailing box. I cannot be held responsible if your necklace gets lost on the way to me. 

    Please do not drop it off. This is a PO Box. Please ensure that some part of your packaging will help be able to identify who’s package it belongs to! Please use Canada Post or USPS. Please do NOT use couriers such as FedEx, DHL or UPS as those items will be sent back to sender.

    If you are OUTSIDE of Canada, please read the information below!

    • Please take it to your local post office.  Please use USPS or Canada Post. Please do not use couriers such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS as they place C.O.D. and brokerage charges. Your package will be returned to sender if you use private couriers or couriers such as FedEx, UPS or DHL. Please only use USPS or Canada Post. 
    • On the customs form, it must state “Canadian goods returning for warranty or repair.”PLEASE INCLUDE THE APPLICABLE TARRIF CODE TO INDICATE AND CATEGORIZE IT AS A RETURN. PLEASE make sure the postal office clerk electronically enters this information into the system. Please ensure that you mark it correctly. If it looks like it is something we purchased from you, we will be charged incorrectly for duties and taxes in which case we will not be able to accept the package and may mark it as "return to sender." USPS is to enter the information in, with the correct tariff number electronically, so that when customs receives it they know the exception code.
    • Samples of the handwritten form for customs is below. Please also ensure that this information is entered correctly with the post office clerk. (Please double check and confirm that they have entered the tariff number as well as that it is Canadian goods returning for warranty or repair, and not under the jewelry category).
    • Please ensure that no where on the package does it simply say only “necklace.” It is very important to note that it is Canadian goods returning for warranty or repair.
    • Please include a copy of the receipt of the repair on the outside of the package. You can use a plastic sleeve such as a ziplock bag or one the post office provides to include this. Please ensure that the return address on your package matches the addresses on the receipts. This is so I can match your necklace with your repair. If it is sent under a different name or address, I won’t be able to know who’s necklace it is and will not be able to confirm receipt of the necklace to fix or adjust. 

    By requesting a chain repair, you fully recognize that we may not accept the package in the case that anything is filled out incorrectly and we are incorrectly charged duties. You fully accept that the post office may accidentally flag it for duties or customs, in which case we will not be able to accept it and it will be sent back. To avoid this, please ensure you follow all of our instructions, including a proper tariff code. 

    SAMPLES OF CUSTOMS FORMS BELOW- PLEASE FILL ALL THE INFORMATION OUT ACCURATELY. PLEASE INCLUDE THE APPLICABLE TARRIF CODE TO INDICATE AND CATEGORIZE IT AS A RETURN. Must specify the tariff code as well as "CANADIAN GOODS RETURNING FOR WARRANTY REPAIR." This information cannot simply be written on the envelope. IT MUST BE SPECIFIED under the space that asks for the content of the package, as well as electronically entered by the postal clerk.