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Instructions for Chain Service

Please fill out the form on this page. The shipping fee you pay at check out will be for me to ship it back to you.

Once you’ve filled out the form, please send your necklace back to our PO Box. 
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I travel once a week to my PO Box to retrieve packages. Once your package is received, I will prepare your necklace for cleaning, polishing and service it. Please note, my husband and I take turns working and parenting. As soon as it is my turn to work, I will sit down at my studio during the time that I have set for myself to work and be in the studio. I advise that you send your necklace with tracking. Please note that I will reach out to you with a shipping confirmation, or more information if needed. You do not need to contact me to confirm I received your package: I promise to reach out when your necklace is ready to go. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I am generally unable to give you a specific ship date because our schedules are constantly rotating due to shift work. However, as soon as I receive your package, it is put to the front of my desk so that it is the first thing I do when I get into my studio. 


✔ Please print out the receipt you receive via email after you fill out this form and check out and include it in your package. I will not know what to do with your necklace unless you include the receipt.

✔ Please ensure that your necklace is clean and free of scents, perfumes or oils. Rinse under water and pat dry if needed. 

✔ Please send the entire necklace: the chain, the pendant, the clasp etc. This ensures I can put your piece back together properly. For drop pendant necklaces, or anything that hangs off a chain as opposed to being attached itself, you can choose to either just send the chain for me to adjust/service. I understand some may wish to either do this themselves or not send the pendant. However, it is highly recommended to send everything. 

✔ Please package securely so it doesn't fall out of your packaging. 

✔ You will be responsible for sending it to our PO Box. It cannot be dropped off as it is a postal box. You can take it to your local post office. It is highly recommended to ship with tracking and/or insurance so that you can track when it arrives at our mailing box. I cannot be held responsible if your necklace gets lost on the way to me. 

Please note that the turnaround time for chain service does not start the day it is delivered or request is placed. I need to retrieve it from the PO Box.

I choose to offer this service because I want to make sure your pieces are properly adjusted or repaired! I have seen several necklaces damaged from botched repairs. 

I (Jessica) work alone and do not have any employees and each piece is adjusted or repaired by me personally! Please note that it is not a *fast* service, but an individualized service. I choose to offer this service as I want to make sure your necklaces are done properly. I will email you when your repair is on the way to you.

* If you are OUTSIDE of Canada, please read the information here for customs info!

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