Local pick up is available to customers who are able to travel to Cloverdale, BC to pick up their order(s). We will send an email to the email address provided at check out when it is ready for pick up. Please note that due to the nature of our handmade process, we still require at least 5-20 business days to make your order. Though we try to get all orders out in about 10 days, you  order will take no longer than 20 business days to arrive at the pick up location. Our items are all handmade to order one at a time, and each bar necklace is cut by hand, and we promise that our necklaces are worth the wait! You will be contacted when it is ready.


Pick up is at Homeworks Etc in Cloverdale, BC. Their hours can be found here. (Ps, they're a wonderful little boutique and offer DIY workshops on things like growth chart rulers!)

To be eligible for pick up, you MUST use the code CLOVERDALE at check out in the discount box and it will take off one cent to confirm that you have a pick up slot. If it does not take off one cent, we cannot guarantee that it will be available for pick up. We ask you to do so in order for us to be able to flag your order for pick up. If the code CLOVERDALE is not used, and the -0.01 is not applied, we will not know that your order is for pick up and it will be shipped. Please use the discount box and not the notes box for it to take off 1 cent. Our $5 coupon codes or any other promotions that are randomly emailed out will not be able to be used in conjunction with local pick up.

Shipping will need to be paid for in advance in the case that the item is not picked up within 14 (fourteen) days of your order arriving at the designated pick up location. Hours and location for pick up can be found at Homeworks Etc. If your order is not picked up, we will retrieve your package and ship it at your cost, using the method of shipping that you had chosen at check out. We highly recommend the tracked method as we cannot control packages that are lost by Canada Post. 

Upon picking up, please confirm your name and order number with the person handing the order to you. You will be asked to sign off. Please note that any questions about your order need to be emailed directly to Mint & Birch and not the pick up location. I will email you back as soon as possible! Once you have picked up your order, please email me with your order number and name, and we will refund the shipping fee minus packaging costs.

Please note the Terms of Pick Up:
1. One pickup opportunity per transaction. If you decline to retrieve your item, it cannot be picked up at a later date and it will be shipped to you instead. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the item, you can leave your item and contact Mint & Birch but you will acknowledge that pick up will no longer be available. Upon contacting Mint & Birch, we will determine if there has been any errors made on our part. If there has been no error, and the dissatisfaction stems from a failure to read the description on the website, or if you are unhappy with the font you choose, it will not be redone and your order will be shipped to you as is. Please note that our website has full information about font choices, descriptions as well as dimensions linked on each of the options on the Local Listing. We also include font and necklace dimensions on each listing. 

2. Questions and concerns must be brought Mint & Birch via email, NOT to Homeworks Etc.

3. Please pick your order up within 14 days of it arriving at Homeworks Etc. After 14 days, I will retrieve your package and it will be shipped to you with the method you chose at check out at our convenience. 

4. After you pick up, you will be asked to email us with your name and order number to acknowledge that you have picked up. The postage portion of your shipping cost paid will be refunded to you. There will be a remaining charge NOT refunded in minimum the amount of $3.85 depending on how many items you had ordered. This is to cover for packaging, wages for assistants for packing, as well as time, milage and gas to transport your item to pick up location. We do not make a profit on this cost, in fact local pick up results in a negative net for total packing costs for us but is offered for convenience. Pick up eliminates the post office needing to deliver your item, but there is still a cost in preparing your items. This will depend on which method you had chosen at check out (in the case that we had to ship your item). 

By requesting for pick up, you agree to the terms set on this page.

Font & Size Guide