Why do we open and close?

As our business  experienced a huge growth over the last few years, we open and close to take custom orders. A few non-custom listings stay open. For BC or Local orders, we stay open for a few select items here.

Our necklaces are different in that each bar is individually hand cut, polished, filed and finished, and we do not buy blanks. We chose not to use a tumbler, in which many pieces can be smoothed in bulk because it may risk wearing down layers of gold fill in Gold Filled pieces. We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship that goes into each necklace. Mint & Birch is run by me, Jessica, and due to the growth of this business, we faced a fork in the road. I had to decide wether or not I was going to outsource the hand making of the bars. On the scale that Mint & Birch runs, we should have at least 5-6 full time employees. Currently, we have someone helping with packaging. However, I am still doing the bars and stamping because I have decided that it would be best for our business to maintain our quality and not outsource due to the process that we make our bars with. 

Having said that, I want to ensure that I spend enough time and care on each necklace that it deserves. I recognize fully that these are custom pieces that represent a part of your story, and I want to honour your story. I want to honour each necklace with care, attention to detail. I do not want to get sloppy, or take more orders on than I can handle. Therefore, we open and close during this busy season for orders to maintain the integrity of our brand, and to stay true to the values that we hold dearly, which is to honour each and every story and order with care, attention and purposeful, artisanal craftsmanship.

Most importantly, I want to ensure that I am able to work with each customer individually to design a bar. I have not hired any one to respond to emails as I feel it is important for customers to speak with the person that will be making the necklace that is going to celebrate their story. The goal of Mint & Birch is not simply to sell necklaces; it is to celebrate stories. 

Each opening may only last for a few hours, and historically many of our openings may last minutes. Opening dates are announced on our website under each listing. 

I promise we're worth the wait. 

When will you reopen?

The next date is announced on each listing.

How do I get an order in?

We take orders through several different ways:

  1.  Order Opening dates: These order slots are first come first serve, and order dates will be announced on our website and social media pages. These order slots go very quickly, so it does require "carting." If you don't want to "cart," we have a waitlist option.
  2. Waitlist: Outside of the order dates, we also have a waitlist going for those who may not be able to snag a spot when the website opens. We will take orders in order that you enter your name to wait in line. I will contact people as I have slots available. To sign up to be on the waitlist, you can see here.
  3. Occasionally, I will draw from the waitlist (at random) to offer up a custom slot. This element of luck helps ensure that everyone gets different chances to get a necklace.

    Some tips: 
  • Sign up for our newsletter (see top of website) or visit here.
  • Sign up to be notified when an item is back on the link of the item you'd like- these are one time emails and you won't be subscribed to anything. You will have to re-enter your email again if you miss the opening. 
  • Contact Jessica with questions before opening dates
  • Check our social media: Instagram  or Facebook

How soon will you ship?

We generally ship orders out in about 10 or so days, but we may need anywhere from 5 business days to 25 business days as each necklace is handcrafted to order one at a time. Each one is artisanal and created by hand. Please see our shipping and policies for more details. 

Local Orders within BC

If you are local, you may place an order for a limited selection of items anytime using this link here


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