At this time, pick up is unavailable. The retail location that we use pick up for is NOT my retail store. Due to Covid-19, I am unable to facilitate pick up there at this time. I am also not meeting customers at my workshop at this time due to Covid-19, as well as being a full time working mama of 5. My work schedule is very sporadic and I am unable to schedule pick ups and in-person orders at this time. I am NOT doing pick ups at my house as I am keeping my home address private. The shipping rates we charge are what it costs for us to ship to you and based on rates Calculated by Canada Post. I am sorry for any inconvenience. 





You can choose to have your order shipped or picked up, whichever is more convenient for you! Pick up is at Homeworks Etc., Langley.

Please note that there are specific instructions and conditions for pick up to make sure that the correct necklace is picked up. :) 

 To have your order processed for pick up, please use the code HOMEWORKSPICKUP at check out in the discount box. It will take off one cent to confirm that you have a pick up slot. The postage portion of the shipping fee will be refunded after it is picked up. You will be emailed when your order is ready for pick up. 

By using pick up, you understand (and promise) the following:

  1. YOU MUST CHECK YOUR NECKLACE AT PICK UP.The person who orders must be the same person who picks up. This is so that necklaces are not picked up by the wrong person. You will be asked for a picture of picture ID to confirm that it’s you! You also agree to check and sign your necklace out.

  2. Homeworks Etc. is NOT responsible for customer inquiries. They have graciously allowed us to use their staff and shop as a pick up location. Please do not bring Mint & Birch related questions to them, but contact me directly if you have ANY questions or concerns at all. Their staff are not my staff, and won’t be able to help with necklace related questions!

  3. Pick up is at Homeworks Etc., Langley. Please note that their hours may change without notice. They are a separate business that have graciously allowed us to use their space for pick up. Their hours may differ based on events or private events, etc.  We will do our best to provide the most current information, but it will be your responsibility to check their most current hours. Please CALL or check their website/social media for information if you are pressed for time.
4027 208 Street, Langley, BC V3A 2H3


Once you have picked up your order, please email me with your order number and name, and I will refund the shipping fee minus packaging costs.


A portion of your shipping cost paid will be refunded to you. There will be a remaining charge NOT refunded in the amount of $2 depending on how many items you had ordered. This is to cover for packaging, fee for use of retail location for pick up, wages for assistants for packing, as well as time, milage and gas to transport your item to pick up location. We do not make a profit on this cost, in fact local pick up results in a negative cost for us and costs more for us, but is offered for convenience. When we drop packages off to pick up, it's often with 4 children in tow😉 Pick up eliminates the post office needing to deliver your item, but there is still a cost in preparing your items. This will depend on which method you had chosen at check out (in the case that we had to ship your item). 

Please note that if we manually mark your order for pick up it is only 99.8% gauranteed 😉 

By requesting for pick up, you agree to the terms set on this page.