Why do we charge in USD?

Our website operates in USD as indicated at check out. This is shown on the total as well as on the “show order details” section of the cart.  Although we are located in Canada, we price our items in USD because all our products are made out of raw, ethically sourced raw materials such as gold fill and sterling within North America. 

 I assure you we don’t charge in USD to profit from the exchange rate. Because of the gold content, and the mills we source our gold from, 99.9% of the raw materials we buy is USD.  

We take pride in sourcing high quality, North American made (not made in China) raw supplies and materials so we find that USD pricing is the most accurate to ensure proper pricing. I have tried to order from Canadian sources, but unfortunately, the materials from the Canadian suppliers I found turned out to be sourced from China.  

I could not in good conscious purchase from a place that was not sure where the materials passed through. The sources I use in the USA, are ethically sourced and have certificates to prove the origin of the gold and silver.  

Therefore, I have chosen to go that route as I want to support fair trade and ensure I am paying for raw materials that have been honestly and fairly mined and sourced. The suppliers that I choose, are the ones that create the raw sheets and materials that I use, and I like the fact that I know where, who, and how all the material has been made.  

The USA mills more gold than Canada, which is the reason why I’ve been able to find sources there, and not Canada.   The fluctuations of the price in the gold we source follows the USD currency. The price of gold and conversion of USD to CAD is always changing, and it is difficult to accurately price (unless we change the prices of our items on a weekly basis or more).  

Because there are two variables to account for (price of gold and the dollar,) we have to eliminate one variable to price accurately. We have set our website so that as customers in Canada browse our products, they are able to view the prices in CAD when they shop. For example if you visit from within Canada, you will see CAD prices until check out, at which point it will convert to USD.  

As mentioned above, the currency suffice will always be shown, so the USD suffix will be shown at check out. For example if you visit our website from Canada, you may see $65.80 CAD but at check out it will say $50 USD. This will vary depend on the exchange rate of the day ;) What prices you see when is what we are charging you. It simply converts to USD at check out.   

We have customers view prices in their own currency just before check out to ensure that there are no surprise with the amount that they are being charged by us. If you want to confirm, you can head over to our website and add a test product to your cart and hit checkout.  

There, you will see the USD suffix in a few different places: Beside the “Show order summary,” next to “hide order summary,” beside the total amount, by the subtle, and also by the total number. The CAD or USD suffix will always show to ensure that you will know how much it is in CAD (before check out) or USD (at checkout).  

There is also a currency converter at the bottom of the website so you can view everything in the choice of your currency, but remember it does check out in USD, as indicated by the currency suffix on multiple places at check out to give you a heads up. :)  

I understand that this can be frustrating and confusing, but I wanted to explain that the reason we price in USD is because all our supplies are raw materials are purchased from reputable suppliers and at a high cost from the mills. These mills charge in USD, and most of our materials are bought in USD.  

With the changing price of gold and the currency exchange rate, we have had to eliminate one variable, which is the currency, to ensure accurate pricing. Because the gold we buy is only the best we can find, the price is quite high and this is also the reason we need to ensure that we price accurately.   

If we were to convert the price of our items to CAD, we would have to spend about 5 hours to update the prices of every single item and variant on at least a weekly basis, due to fluctuations in gold prices and currency exchange.   

That is unfortunately not possible as I spend my time on making the necklaces and ensuring they are perfect, and have not outsourced the detail that goes into the necklaces. You can read more about the process and what goes into each piece on our website if you’re interested :)   

Having said that, because we, too are Canadian and understand the frustration of having to pay in a different currency, I am always looking for Canadian suppliers that do follow stringent ethical and manufacturing standards. Unfortunately, I have not come across anything up to our quality standards that does have Canadian pricing.  

Even some of our Canadian sources raw materials are bought in USD because of the gold content and for the same reasons we also charge in USD. Furthermore, I’m working with a web developer to try to make it so check out can handle multi-currency check out or do the conversion before a customer pays so that payment is in the currency of where the customer is based.  

There is a lot of technical, coding, website work that I am still trying to sort out- but I am still trying because I know it can be frustrating. However, this is something I’m working on as the e-commerce platform I am currently using does not allow multi currency check out, like Etsy.  

Unfortunately I am not able to use Etsy because my business needs has outgrown what the Etsy platform can offer. (Such as order management, order shipping services, integration with the postal system in order to print and track shipping labels, customization drop down menus for more than 4 options, the ability to allow customers to sign up for an account to track their order or a notification for a specific product, direct integration with social media channels, etc.)  

Nevertheless, I wanted to take the time to explain why we sell in USD. It’s not to make money on the exchange, as you can see ;)  In the meantime, we have done our very best to show the prices as best as possible by showing them in CAD before check out, but for the reasons above, it will only show as USD at check out.   

I understand this may be frustrating, but I promise our necklaces are worth it! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at all and and I would be more than happy to address them! :)  

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