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Chain Repair or Replacement


Only for Mint & Birch customers. Please email prior to using this listing as cost may be different depending on length. The entire length of your chain will be replaced, and you will receive a brand new chain on your necklace. For horizontal bar necklaces, the chain length measurement, as per usual, will include the bar. So for example, if you send in a horizontal bar necklace and purchase a listing for 16 inches, you will receive the necklace back with it measuring 16 inches from end to end when un-clasped. 


  1. We receive your request via email, and we will send you this link to get the repair process started. Please make sure you leave a note at check out with your original order number of the necklace you need to have a new chain for. If this information is not included, we will refund your order and cancel it as we won't know which necklace to expect. 
  2.  We will email you with exact instructions on how to send your chain back. Customer is responsible for shipping it and for following exact instructions on how to send it back, and where to send i back to. PLEASE ensure you leave the correct email address at check out. DO NOT SEND IT BACK TO OUR BOX IN BLAINE. It must be shipped to our shipping box in Canada, and when we email you we will give you exact instructions on how to do so after you purchase this listing. YOU MUST read instructions prior to purchasing. By purchasing this listing, you agree to and acknowledge that you have read the instructions. To see instructions, please see here
  3. When we have received your item, we will ship your repaired necklace with the method of shipping you chose at check out. It will be packaged plainly when it is sent back to you. Once you purchase the listing, please email us back and we will provide you with the address to ship to. 


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