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    Chain Replacement, Adjustment or Repair

    Each repair is organized one at a time, re-polished and cleaned, existing chain removed and clasps inspected. A new chain is put together and then assembled onto each necklace. This is a process and I do not make money on repairs. They are a negative cost due to precious metal cost and also paying Rhiannon to help with these. It is often a negative cost, especially if it’s been done complimentary. The delay with Covid was noted on the listing for the repair.

    UPDATE DUE TO COVID: Please note that due to covid and health reasons, I am limiting my trips out. Also, we are unable to work together at the office so these are very, very delayed. However, they are not forgotten about and I have hired my husband on as an extra pair of hands! The delay mostly comes from the fact that we are unable to all be at the office together and that I cannot go to my box every day. I want to make sure your necklaces are done properly to my standards. I still recommend having them sent to me to be fixed or adjusted. I make a brand new chain for your pieces - the chain is not burned back together. Please note the significant delays, however we are working hard on repairs. I cannot give an exact date for when your repair will be sent back due to the unpredictability of the situation as well as needing to work separately and not together. Wait time could be as short as a week, but it could be longer than a few weeks. Please note that if you proceed with the repair, that we have been 100% transparent about the situation due to Covid. We will not tolerate any de-humanizing or abusive language regarding wait-times. This is a service I choose to offer. I do not make money on this and it often comes at a negative cost due to the cost of precious materials as well as paying Rhiannon to help with the repairs. 

    Only for Mint & Birch customers. Please do not send your necklace back until you have checked out with this listing so we know to expect your necklace. 

    The entire length of your chain will be replaced, and you will receive a brand new chain on your necklace. Please select the chain length you'd like your replacement to be in the drop down menu. Chain length is measured with the necklace opened, necklace laid flat out on a table and measured from clasp end to ring end. Clasps will be replaced at our discretion, depending on the condition of your clasp. We will choose the option that is most secure.

    Please check out with this listing on its own, as repairs ship separately. Please note that the turnaround time for chain repairs does not start the day it is delivered or request is placed. I need to retrieve it from my mailbox. (I do not have it mailed to my house as my home address is private.) 

    PLEASE SELECT THE LENGTH YOU’D LIKE THE NECKLACE TO BE USING THE DROP DOWN MENU. Do not leave a note for us to guess the length or look it up as we may not have that information anymore. Please measure it, or select a length or CONFIRM BEFORE the request. We will make the necklace the length you select in the drop down menu. That will be the FINAL selection. ♡  



      We receive your request via this listing. Please select the material and chain length you'd like. Please use the notes section here to let us know what is on your necklace so we can double check if this is left blank, there may be a delay in your replacement as we will have to manually look for your original order information. 

      Description of services: Repair/Replacements means the broken parts will be replaced. Clasp service means the clasp will be replaced. Shorten a chain means the chain will be shortened to the length you pick. Adding a piece of chain into the chain means that we will add a length of chain into your current existing chain. Your existing chain is not broken. a 1-2 inch section means a total of 2 inch section will be added with a clip in the middle to make it adjustable to 1-2 inches, and so forth. 
    2. STEP TWO:

      SEND US THE NECKLACE (including the pendant) for me TO FIX! 



      When we have received your item, we will ship your repaired necklace with the method of shipping you chose at check out. The shipping fee you pay at check out will be for me to ship it back to you! It will be packaged securely and plainly when it is sent back to you. Once you purchase the listing, please email us back and we will provide you with the address to ship to. 

      All our chains are soldered (welded) for durability. As with any dainty jewelry, it will break if pulled on hard enough. We would see that the chain has been warped or stretched if it has been pulled on. This indicates that the chain links held on as tightly as they could, and stretched with the pressure of the pull before finally snapping. This does not indicate a defective chain - it means it has been pulled on either with enough strength or just the right angle to break. Please contact us directly if you have any questions! 

      Please read ALL of the repair instructions linked in step two. By proceeding with the repair, you acknowledged that you have read the instructions. 

      We HIGHLY recommend tracking or insuring the necklace for the value, we cannot take responsibility of the necklace if it gets lost on the way back to us, and also because if it isn’t, we cannot confirm that it has been sent to the correct address. Please send the necklace back with your name and address that matches the repair request. If it isn’t, I won’t know who’s necklace it is and won’t be able to confirm that I’ve received your necklace to fix or adjust.  By proceeding with the repair you acknowledge this. 


      T H E  M A G I C  I S  I N  T H E  P R O C E S S .

      Each Mint & Birch piece starts out as sheets of precious metal. Each bar, disc, oval, heart is cut and polished by hand in my studio. Each piece is cut lovingly by me one order at a time.

      Yes! You can wear these pieces every day without worry of flaking, peeling or tarnish!

      You can see part of the process here

      I personally file, drill and polish each one with my own hands. I only use ethically sourced gold fill and solid sterling silver sheets sourced from North American mills. Using hand tools allows me to have a greater degree of control and precision over the piece to ensure that edges are beautifully smooth and that no damage occurs when finishing the piece into shiny necklaces! I do not use a tumbler, in which several pieces are put into a rotating canister with abrasives or steel pins to quickly smooth batches of pieces, causing micro scratches and unnecessary wear. Instead, I believe in good old-fashioned hard work done with elbow grease! Your bar necklace will not flake and you can wear it daily! The combination of high quality materials and my unique process of finishing the bars results in pieces that will last for years to come. I strive to offer my best, offering customizations not found elsewhere, such as the original hand lettered pieces.