Change the Length of Your Necklace


This listing MUST be added in the same cart/order as the necklace being adjusted. This listing is only to be purchased as an add-on to an existing necklace. It is not an add-on to purchase an extra chain. This helps us keep make sure we make your necklace the perfect length!

This MUST be added to your order in the same order you want to modify. It cannot be added after, if this listing is added on its own it will be cancelled.  If you'd like any length adjustments from our usual 18 inches please add this to your cart.

If you are ordering more than one necklace, please make sure you leave a note at check out with what you need changed, otherwise we will choose for you. 

Please select the corresponding options in the drop down menu. This is not a listing to upgrade your chain material. The chain material used for your additional length will correspond to your necklace listing. For example, if you check out with a brass necklace and purchase an additional length for gold or sterling, the additional length added to your necklace will be for brass. If you check out with a gold or sterling necklace, and you select a brass length addition, you will be refunded for the extra length and your necklace will come in standard length. Please ensure you select the correct material accordingly. 

Please ensure that you purchase this listing with your order. It cannot be processed if it is placed separately. 

Why is there an extra charge for the chains? We cut our standard length chain to 18 inches. When a special length is required, we make your entire necklace out of sequence. In other words, we pull your entire order aside to ensure that your custom chain request is fulfilled. We need to account for the extra time it takes to set your order aside outside of our order queue, as well as to cover for the extra materials. Thank you for understanding!

If you've ordered more than one necklace, please ensure that you leave a note at check out to specify which specific length you'd like for which necklace. If you don't add a note for which length you'd like which necklace to be, we reserve the right to pick for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all!


Type: Add Ons

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