Custom Dates Gold or Sterling Necklace


Date bar necklace with hearts in between the dates! Why are our bars pricy? It is because we use thicker than average, high quality sheets of 14k gold fill and sterling to make these sparkly bar necklaces! 



  1. Select your choice of gold or sterling in drop down menu. We can fit a maximum of 3 dates on this bar.   This is a single sided standard bar necklace, measuring about 1.5 inches x 5.5mm. We will only stamp the first side. The font will be in the tiny sayings font. As noted on the font chart, this is a very small font at 1- 1.5mm in the tiny sayings font. (As shown in photo). This is our smallest font, and is very tiny and dainty. This is the design of this necklace. If you would like a different design, please use this listing here

  2. In notes, please indicate what date(s) you'd like in numerical form. If you select only one date, please specify if you'd like hearts to surround the date. If you select two dates, a heart will be present between the dates. If you have 3 dates, it will come as shown in the main photo (centred). We will follow your formatting as outlined in your notes. If you type in a date (not numerically), we will automatically stamp MM/DD/YY. Please note that if you type in YYYY for your year, we may need to switch it to YY to make it fit. We will adhere to your notes for stamping as closely as possible. Again, this listing is the tiny sayings font, which is about 1-1.5mm tall. This is the style of this necklace. Please refer to the font and size guide above to see all the numbers. This is a very, very small font. The image in the listing has been enlarged to show detail. If you would like a different font, please use one of our custom listings here


     Each Mint & Birch bar necklace is cut by hand in our studio. Each one starts out as a large sheet of extra thick, premium, high quality, 14k gold fill or sterling silver from reputable mills in North America and is stamped using hand tools, and polished in our studio using professional materials. We promise that our necklaces are worth the price! We do NOT use gold plated materials. Instead, we use heavy gold fill, which contains more gold than gold plated, and is also permanent and will not wear off or tarnish.

    Most importantly is the process in which we make our bars. We do not use a tumbler, in which many, many pieces can be polished and rough edges removed with little effort. Tumbling does not always remove all of the rough edges, but simply smoothes them down. Furthermore, tumbling can cause micro scratches and wear off the gold in gold filled pieces leading to tarnish. We do NOT do this. Instead, we meticulously use hand tools to individually file each bar to ensure that each edge is as smooth as possible. Your bar necklace will not flake or tarnish as each one is treated with care and not mass manufactured.

    Gold fill jewelry must contain a certain percentage of gold in order to be able to be legally called gold fill. This percentage is based on the weight of the piece. Here at Mint & Birch, we use extra thick and heavy bars for your necklaces so that the percentage of gold that you are getting per necklace is higher. This ensures a luxurious, long lasting piece that you can treasure for years to come. 

    We also ethically source thicker than average sheets of gold fill and sterling made in North American mills! Mint & Birch also works hard to create unique designs to hand stamp your necklaces with. In fact, some of our designs are even created specifically for us and cannot be found elsewhere! 
Font & Size Guide