Custom Nest |BRONZE| 1-4 eggs


  • ++++ H O W  T O  O R D E R ++++

    1. Decide on your number of eggs and colour choices. Need add-ons or a different chain length? See the add-on tab above.

    2. In notes, please leave the exact name of your colour choices in the notes. If you'd like us to pick, you can leave the months you'd like us to match in your nest! 

    Please ensure you leave colour names from the colour chart above. If you need the nature inspired blue speckled/crackled eggs, please use this listing here. If you do not use exact names, we reserve the right to choose your colors. 

    This is a custom listing for a BRONZE nest necklace with 1, 2, 3 or 4 eggs. Please read instructions carefully. If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here: CONTACT. Chain will be the popular antique bronze chain. 

  • To add more LENGTH, please see HERE.
    To add a BIRDIE charm, please see HERE.
    To add an initial charm, please see HERE.

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  • A mama’s bird nest necklace represents the special love that a mother has for her young. Each nest has eggs that represent children, family members or loved ones! This bird’s nest necklace is a sweet little necklace to gift to someone special, or to keep as a special treat for yourself. These do not come in box, please add one here if you'd like (select box option). Each necklace is intricately and skillfully handmade, handwoven and hand-molded to create a small nest that perfectly and gently nestle precious “eggs.” These necklaces are perfect for moms, moms to-be, grandmas and even bridesmaids! Each nest is lovingly and carefully handmade with care, and each and every nest carries its own special meaning unique to the person wearing it. 


    1 egg // Around the size of a dime-penny
    2-3 eggs // Around the size of a nickel 
    4 eggs// Just between the size of a nickel and quarter

    January: (Garnet) Reds 
    February: (Amethyst) Purples
    March: (Aquamarine) light blues 
    April: (Diamond) (I can use a white colored pearl or I can use a faceted glass bead)  
    May: (Emerald)Darker greens 
    June: (Pearl) Pearl, or light pink
    July: (Ruby) Reds 
    August: (Peridot) Lighter greens
    September: (Sapphire) Darker blues 
    October: (Tourmaline or Opal) Pinks, peaches or opal colors
    November: (Topaz or Citrine) Orangy or yellowy colors 
    December: (Blue Zircon or Turquoise) Lighter blues or teal toned blues 

    Please note that each nest is custom made and handmade to order. These are not mass manufactured or casted by a machine. There are differences in each nest. Please be aware that you are purchasing a handmade product before you order. If you have specific requests, please contact me before you order. This is a custom order, and is a final purchase. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you have selected the correct colour choices and noted the correct colours at notes at checkout and have read all the above details. If you need help, I am more than happy to help! Send me an email by using the contact form. 

    CUSTOM orders are FINAL and may not be changed or altered after it is placed. Please contact me if you have any questions!  Handmade in Canada. If no notes are provided your order will be refunded and cancelled. 

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