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Add-Ons and Extra Charms for your Necklace

Need an extra bar or circle to go with your necklace? Please note that these CANNOT be purchased on its own without a necklace listing at this time. These are for listings that are NOT the horizontal bars as they will sit awkwardly. If you have ordered on of these with a horizontal bar, we will either refund your order for the extra bar.


1. Select option in drop down menu. 

  • Circle charm: About 10mm in width
  • One name vertical bar- 1 inch long, only one name or date can be stamped on this
  • Standard Length bar - About 1.3 inches long. 3 words max, depending on length and font chosen. You will be contacted if your phrase does not fit. 
  • Double sided bar is the same as the standard length, except it is much heavier and can be stamped on both sides. 

2. At notes in check out, please let me know what font you'd like and what you would like stamped. Please make sure you are very specific about alignment and what you'd like as we will use our creative discretion to decide for you if instructions are vague. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they have listed all their details. 

  • F O N T   I N F O : 

    Wanderlust: This is a beautiful font that has a dancing baseline. It's flowy, fun yet elegant. Letters range in size from about 1.5-3.75mm. Please note this is a free/flowy/whimsical font. The letter r does not have a foot. See photo for reference. The letter r does not have a foot. See photo for reference. Lowercase only.

    Madeline: Free writing font with flowing letters. About 2-3mm tall letters. Letters are a bit wider than other fonts. Available in upper and lowercase. 

    Calligraphy: Elegant font that resembles calligraphy! Letters vary in size, but is about 3 mm in size on average. Letters like the a, o are smaller while letters with the beautiful strokes (like the j, y) are a bit bigger. Only lowercase.

    Cursive: A pretty font that resembles old-fashioned cursive writing. Simple, but pretty! Each letter is about 3mm on average. Upper and Lowercase.

    Storybook: Simple, playful but elegant cursive for. letters are about 3mm. Lowercase only. 

    Boho Love: Letters are about 4mm tall. Uppercase only. 

    Print: (Only lowercase) Simple, plain font that's always a favourite! It's playful yet simple. Letters vary but are about 3mm in size.

    MINIMALIST: A small, uppercase font that is classic and simple. It's a smaller font, about 1.5 mm in height. Available in numbers and is the default font for numbers.

    Tiny Sayings: This is a super small, dainty font. Each letter varies in size between 1-1.5mm! This is great if you would like a longer saying that you need to fit on a bar, or more names to fit on a bar. The font style resembles something printed out of a vintage newspaper. Lowercase AND numbers.

    Newspaper: Resembles a type that you’d see out of a vintage newspaper. Letters are about 3mm tall. 

    Brentwood: Resembles printed handwriting. This is quite a small font, and the letters are just under 2.5mm on average, ranging from 2-3mm depending on the letter. Upper and Lowercase. 

    Please note that by default, if numbers are requested, they will be plain as shown on the minimalist font. 


Font & Size Guide