FOREVER Mama® Triangle Necklace ♡ BC ORDERS ONLY

  • A little bit of a personal background: 

    Forever mama. This piece is inspired by my own story. I grew up in a non-ideal situation where my own mother neglected us and eventually abandoned us (this won't be a sob story, I promise!) When I had kids, I vowed to never forget that I am FOREVER my kids' mama. That means I love them unconditionally, with no bounds and most importantly, that I am always there for them. Whether they are 2 or 18, no matter how much they "act out," "misbehave," or "rebel," I am still their forever mama. I was quite the angry teenager and I know that on the outside, I seemed like a fleeting, rebellious teenager who wanted nothing but to be angry and hurt. But inside, I was crying out for the type of love that only a mother could give. And this little piece I designed is something I made for myself to remember that 1.) I am not my mother, and also 2.) to remind myself how important that unconditional, ever present motherly love is. Through the tantrums, through the bedtime delaying tactics, through the crayon scribbled walls. I am forever mama.

     This listing is for the triangle pendant necklace. 


     Each Mint & Birch bar necklace is cut by hand in our studio. Each one starts out as a large sheet of extra thick, premium, high quality, 14 karat gold fill or solid sterling silver ethically sourced from reputable mills in North America and is stamped using hand tools. Each Mint & Birch piece is finished and polished in our studio using professional tools and materials. We promise that our necklaces are worth the price!

    Here at Mint & Birch, we only use ethically sourced, certified gold fill and solid sterling silver sourced from North American mills. Gold fill jewelry must contain a certain percentage of gold in order to be able to be legally called gold fill. This percentage is based on the weight of the piece. We use extra thick and heavy bars for your necklaces so that the weight and amount of real gold that you are getting per necklace is higher. We create our bars out of thicker than average sheets of high quality gold fill or sterling sheets sourced from North American mills. This ensures a luxurious, long lasting piece that you can treasure for years to come.

    We do NOT use gold plated materials, but instead, we use gold fill and solid sterling silver. Gold fill is much more superior to gold plated, and is made by bonding layers of real gold into a base core. Gold plated, which we do NOT use, is simply a microscopic dip into metallic colouring or gold alloy, which is often not real gold, or cannot be certified as real gold because gold plated items are usually sourced overseas. Often, gold plated materials simply refers to the metallic colour in which it has been dipped in, and as such,  especially without certification, could contain heavy toxic metals such as cadmium or lead. Mint & Birch does NOT sell gold plated items. Our pieces are free of cadmium, lead and nickel and do not contain any toxic metals. We use only gold fill or solid sterling silver, as we strive to source the best raw materials in the industry! Our gold fill raw materials are ethically sourced from mills within North America, and we only buy raw materials that can be certified as containing real 14 karat gold, safe to wear, free of toxic metals and ethically sourced

    Most importantly, the magic is the process in which we make our bars. We do not use a tumbler, in which many, many pieces can be polished and rough edges removed with little effort by putting multiple pendants into a rotating canister with small steel parts or abrasive compounds such as silicone carbide grit, or ceramic. Tumbling does not always remove all of the rough edges, but simply smoothes them down. Furthermore, tumbling can cause micro scratches and wear down the gold in gold filled pieces, leading to tarnish. We do NOT do this. Instead, we meticulously use hand tools to individually finish each bar. Using hand tools allows us to have a greater degree of control and precision over the piece to ensure that edges are beautifully smooth and that no damage occurs when finishing the piece into shiny necklaces! We have created a unique process of finishing your pieces without a tumbler, but with multiple hand tools, ensuring that quality is delivered. We believe in good old-fashioned hard work done with elbow and grease! Your bar necklace will not flake or tarnish as each one is treated with care individually and not mass manufactured.

    The combination of high quality materials we work hard to source, and our unique process of finishing the bars results in necklaces that will last for years to come. We strive to deliver the very best! Mint & Birch also works hard to create unique designs to hand stamp your necklaces with. In fact, some of our designs are even created specifically for us and cannot be found elsewhere! 
  • FOREVER mama stamped in our minimalist or wanderlust font. Please select your choice of metal finish in the drop down menu. Font descriptions are as follows:

    Wanderlust: This is a beautiful font that has a dancing baseline. It's flowy, fun yet elegant. Letters range in size from about 1.5-3.75mm
    MINIMALIST: A small, uppercase font that is classic and simple. It is a smaller font, about 1.5 mm in height. Available in numbers and is the default font for numbers.

    These little gold triangle necklaces are handcrafted to order. They have all been hand cut, hand stamped, hand drilled, and polished to a shine! Choose from rose gold filled, yellow gold filled, or sterling by adding the matching listing to your cart. Gold fill chains are flat cable and are very dainty, and very shiny. Sterling chains are an oval cable. The chain will match the material of the bar as indicated in the title of the listing. Words will not be darkened. Each triangle measures approximately 1.20- 1.5 cm wide on each side. The sides are not all even as this is not an equilateral triangle. Every gold triangle necklace will vary, thus sometimes the words may not appear centered though every word will be placed strategically. See last photo for a few examples of other triangles, because not every one will be the same.  We can fit about 2 words. These are hand cut, so not every one will be exactly that size, but will be close to it. PLEASE CONTACT US if you have any questions about this necklace. This is a very small triangle, not every triangle will be the same size. 

    As always, each personalised necklace order is packaged with care and attention to detail, ready to gift to someone, or as a treat to yourself! We promise you'll enjoy unwrapping this pretty package to find a very cute and classy triangle pendant necklace!  Please note that you are purchasing a handmade product. Letter placement will vary slightly and will not be exactly as shown. We stamp each letter individually, so each necklace will vary slightly. We do not purchase  mass produced charms, attach them to a chain and call it "handmade." Instead, we pride ourselves in stamping each letter on each bar by hand, one by one. If you are not happy with any variance, please reconsider purchasing 

      Each triangle measures approximately 1.20 -1.25 cm wide on each side. The sides are not all even as this is not an equilateral triangle. Each one is hand cut so size will vary slightly. Chain length is 17.5-18 inches (standard length). All our chains have closed and soldered links to prevent breakage, however, like any other piece of dainty jewellery, if it is pulled on by a toddler or child, it will break. We do offer repair services!

      Please see our FAQ section for more about necklace care and information. For sterling silver: By nature, sterling silver oxidizes especially in humid environments, but can be polished up with a polish cloth. 



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