Mom Style BRASS necklace

  • This fun little necklace is inspired by our friends Tara, at Trendy Treehouse. This necklace is a collab based off of her Mom Style Tee. Choose from a circle, triangle, or bar! The triangles and bars have been hand cut out of brass, then filed, polished and finished meticulously by hand. Stamped with our calligraphy fonts. You are eligible for a 10% off coupon for Trendy Treehouse's Mom Style Tee if you purchase this item.  (Code will be sent after purchase to email). 

    Chain length is 18 inches. Need more length? You can add it here.
    For more font information, you can see the information found below, and in the photos in this listing. If you have any questions at all about what a letter may look like, please contact us directly here and we will assist you. 

  • About brass: Due to the nature of brass, and as a feature of this product, this bar necklace will patina tastefully and beautifully into a warm, darker brass to add to the rustic, vintage look. Just like sterling silver, brass is a material that oxidizes but will form a beautiful patina. We do not use plated brass for this reason as we feel the patina is quite tasteful. In fact, plated jewellery will not last as long because once the plating wears off, the piece cannot be polished again. Brass, however, is un-plated so it can be polished back to a shiny lustre! You can use the polishing pad that is included! You can also clean it with a mixture of lemon and baking soda, or even with some ketchup! Brass contains a small amount of copper in it. Our necklaces do not normally irritate or cause any reaction as brass is made out of a safe, hypoallergenic material. The copper is added to create the warmth and look of gold. Please be aware of this before purchasing, if you have known reactions to copper, we highly recommend choosing either the antiqued chain, which has less copper in it, or pick from one of our gold filled or sterling necklaces here. Please see our shop policies here. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they understand that this necklace is made out of brass as noted in this listing several times prior to purchasing. 
  • Please see HERE to change your length. Standard chain length is about 18 inches. To change your length, you must add this listing to your cart otherwise it will come in standard length. There will be no fee to shorten your chain. 

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