Moon Discs Customizable

  • Mint & Birch EXCLUSIVE! To order, please:

    1. Select options from drop down menu.
    2. In the customization notes, please let me know which dates you want to match the phases of the moon to. Please, indicate this with the name of the month (not in numerical form). Ie: January 3, 2012. (Otherwise we will assume MM/DD/YY). Please also indicate what location or time zone you would like corresponded to each date as the moon may look different from each time zone/location. We do not translate postal codes/zip codes. Please let us know what state/city/country you would like. If this is not noted at checkout, I will match the location/time zone to the city or country that it is being shipped to. You can also note a specific time if desired.  I will look up the phase of the moon that corresponds to your date and stamp it on the disc. One moon per disc. The moons may or may not necessarily be placed on the chain in a specific order. 

    Choose between sterling silver, 14k rose gold filled, or 14k yellow gold filled. All findings and components are 14k gold filled (either yellow or rose, depending on what you pick). 

  • Each moon disc is about 9.4 mm in diameter. What's gold fill? Gold fill necklaces are made out of real, 14k gold that is bonded (not plated) to a base core. It will never flake or wear off, unlike plated jewellery. It's the next best thing to solid gold. Please note that each necklace is handmade to order- hand cut, hand stamped and finished all by hand. Each letter is stamped on individually- due to the nature of handmade, variations in letter placement, spacing and depth may occur. This is not a flaw, but a feature of handmade. Each necklace will be handmade beautifully just for you! 

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