Beautiful Mama Triangle Necklace

  • A little bit of a personal background: 

    A little bit about this design: This design was created to remind mamas that they are beautiful. Their beauty transcends what society tells them it is. Mom buns, stretch marks, tee shirts covered in spit up. It's all beautiful. The work that mothers do is beautiful, and mamas are inherently beautiful no matter what society tells them about how they should look or what they should wear, or what size they should be.  

    A little bit of a personal background: 
    Ever since having my first daughter (my first 2 are boys!) I have been really challenging myself to not let the standards of society affect me. I'm still working on my baby weight and I have new stretch marks from Juliette's pregnancy. But when I had her, I made a promise to her that I would do my best to teach her to see herself as beautiful for who she is and not what society tells her. And I made this necklace as a reminder of this- that beauty comes from within. 


    Each Mint & Birch gold fill & sterling necklace is made by hand in our studio one by one. Each gold fill & sterling necklace starts out as a sheet of high quality, 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Every step of the process is done by Jessica, by hand. First, your bar is cut to precision so that all the edges are parallel, and angles perfect. Then, your necklace is filed, sanded, and polished right here in our studio. Each necklace is made one at a time to ensure quality and is a labour of love! We also use thicker than average sheets of gold fill and sterling to make your necklaces. In fact, our double sided gold filled neckless are made from the thickest sheets of gold fill that we could get our hands on! Mint & Birch also works hard to find unique, beautiful fonts and designs to hand stamp your necklaces with. In fact, some of our designs are even created specifically for us and cannot be found elsewhere! Comes gift boxed in a little mint box, ready to present to yourself or a loved one
  • beautiful  mama stamped in our minimalist and wanderlust font. Please select your choice of metal finish in the drop down menu. 

    These little triangles are handcrafted to order. They have all been hand cut, hand stamped, hand drilled and polished to a shine! Choose from rose gold filled, yellow gold filled or sterling by adding the matching listing to your cart. Gold fill chains are flat cable and are very dainty, and very shiny. Sterling chains are an oval cable. The chain will match the material of the bar as indicated in the title of the listing. Words will not be darkened. Each triangle measures approximately 1.25-2 cm wide on each side. The sides are not all even as this is not an equilateral triangle. We can fit about 2 words. These are hand cut, so not every one will be exactly that size, but will be close to it. PLEASE CONTACT US if you have any questions about this necklace. This is a very small triangle, not every triangle will be the same size. 

    As always, each order is packaged with care and attention to detail, ready to gift to someone, or as a treat to yourself! We promise you'll enjoy unwrapping this pretty package to find a very cute and classy necklace!  Please note that you are purchasing a handmade product. Letter placement will vary slightly and will not be exactly as shown. We stamp each letter individually, so each necklace will vary slightly. We do not purchase  mass produced charms, attach them to a chain and call it "handmade." Instead, we pride ourselves in stamping each letter on each bar by hand, one by one. If you are not happy with any variance, please reconsider purchasing 

      Each triangle measures approximately 1.25-2 cm wide on each side. The sides are not all even as this is not an equilateral triangle. Each one is hand cut so size will vary slightly. Chain length is 17.5-18 inches (standard length). Need a different length?Please see the tab above to "Change Length." note that gold filled chains are very light, sparkly and dainty. Sterling necklaces come on round oval chains. All our chains have closed and soldered links to prevent breakage, however, like any other piece of dainty jewellery, if it is pulled on by a toddler or child, it will break. Please be aware of this when you are purchasing. We do offer repair services (see our policies page linked at the bottom of this listing for more info). 

      Please note that the necklace is very dainty, and that the chain is very thin and light, but super shiny! What's gold fill? Gold fill necklaces are made out of real, 14k gold that is bonded (not plated) to a base core. It will never flake or wear off, unlike plated jewellery. It's the next best thing to solid gold. You can polish the whole bar with a polish pad to remove dirt or finger prints. Please note that each necklace is handmade to order- hand cut, hand stamped and finished all by hand. Each letter is stamped on individually- due to the nature of handmade, variations in letter placement, spacing and depth may occur. This is not a flaw, but a feature of handmade. Each necklace will be handmade beautifully just for you! 

      For turnaround time and shipping information, please review our shop policies. Customer agrees to shop policies upon purchasing. To view shop policies, please see here. Handmade in Canada. 

    • Need to change the length from the standard 18 inches? Easy peasy! To change your length, please add this listing below to your cart so that we can ensure that we make your necklace the length you desire! 

      Please see HERE to change your length. There will be no fee to shorten your chain. 

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