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Reserved Listing for Michelle: Double Sided Triangle

Notes for Michelle's Necklace: 

Front side:
Line 1: Heart image, followed by Kingston 
Line 2: Molly
Line 3: Sunshine drawing 
*Please note, I may have to rotate or make the N on kingston slightly shorter to make it fit nicely as well as resize the sunshine, but will keep the penmanship the same*

Back side:
Sunshine with heart in the middle

Yellow Gold, 20 inches measured from end to end. 

Note on the Triangle dimensions: Triangle necklaces are unique because each one is cut freehand. They may be equal on all sides, or one side may be longer than the other. It will be cut to fit your personalization as best as possible.
Each side of the triangle will be APPROXIMATELY anywhere from 1-2 cm wide. This will vary quite significantly depending on the customization and the cut being made. 

Thank you so much!

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