Sizing Lengths & Layering Necklaces

Please note that the above guide is an estimate and will not be the same for every person. If you are unsure, take a piece of non stretchy string, wrap around your neck. Necklace length is measured from end to end when the necklace is opened.  

Please note that the below, and the photo above are estimates. This will not be the same for every person as necklace sizing is specific to each person's frame or neck circumference depending on build. Necklace sizing is like clothing size! 18 inches is standard length.

♡16 inches: Falls just a little below the collarbone for a closer fit. 

♡18 inches: Most average and versatile length. Falls a couple inches below collarbone. 18 inches is standard length.

♡ 20 inches: Sits lower on the neckline. May fall under your shirt depending on neckline.

♡22 or more inches: Falls below the neckline. 

♡ For layering necklaces, I usually recommend at least 2 inches of a difference for each necklace. Standard chain length is 18 inches, so most layering sets are either 16/18 or 18/20. However, it will depend on your frame size, neck circumference and overall personal preference. If you’re not sure I would recommend measuring with an existing necklace or a piece of non-stretchy string.