Shipping & Policies

 By purchasing from Mint & Birch, customer agrees to all terms and conditions. It is the customer's responsibility to read product listings and policies prior to purchasing. Mint & Birch reserves the right to cancel or refuse your order if customization notes are not clear.  If you have any questions, pleasecontact us.

Turnaround time

We generally get orders out within about 10 or so business days depending on order date and volume, but our official current turnaround time for orders is anywhere from 5-25 business days from order date to ship date. This may increase during our busier seasons, such as Christmas and Mother's Day: See here for Christmas & Mother's Day deadlines. Please note that we do not have control over the postal system or how long it takes for them to physically deliver your package. Turnaround time is the amount of time between the date you order, and the date that we ship your package. Within the turnaround time, we handcraft your necklace to order.  We ship from Langley, BC as well as Blaine, Washington. If it is a repair, turnaround time begins when we have the necklace in hand to repair as we cannot control postal office delivery times. If you have a special date you need your order for, please ensure that you give yourself enough time  to account for transit time by the postal office or to travel to the pick-up location. Please contactJessica if you have any questions.


Please see HERE for local pick up information.


We will email you as soon as your order is ready to ship! Canadian orders are either tracked or untracked. Canadian orders ship through Canada Post, and US orders ship through USPS. If you select the untracked option (lettermail), your package will not come with a tracking number. If you selected a tracked option, you will be emailed a tracking number when it is about to ship.  We recommend the tracked option. We apologize for the hefty Canada Post fees for tracking!

All US orders are sent with USPS tracking numbers. We use a courier service to take our packages to USPS and you will receive a notification as soon as we print a label so that you can track your package.

Sometimes, the post office may lose or misplace packages and this is out of our control, so tracking is highly recommended. Usually refunds and replacements are not covered. We do not replace for lost packages. Lost packages are dealt with on an individual basis and are only considered lost after 10 weeks. Customers are highly encouraged to select tracked shipping. Untracked shipping is selected at the customer's risk. We are not responsible for lost packages, especially when tracking is not selected at check out. 

Why Did My Order Get Cancelled?

If your order was cancelled, it was because of one of the following reasons:
Your customization notes are incomplete or won't fit. Or, you were not final about your customization notes upon checking out. The image you sent in is not  clear, bright or focused enough or is not suitable for engraving. You may have requested a different item and used the wrong listing. Or, we cannot understand your customization notes or it's not final. Or, you requested something that we can't do. Or, you checked out with a listing that cannot be ordered with another listing - for example, a proof or a chain adjustment/repair request. Chain adjustments and proofs are not sent out with orders, so they need to be on their own. Your order may get cancelled if this happens as we cannot manually split an order.

The reason that incomplete orders get cancelled is because once an order is submitted with notes or an uploaded image, it sticks with the order all the way through. It gets too confusing for me to detach the image and the notes, to match it with an updated image or customization notes. I also want to make sure that you know exactly what you're ordering. We cancel incomplete orders to ensure a smooth process for everyone. Thank you for understanding!

Please note that we cancel orders if they cannot be filled. We cannot take or hold your money without knowing exactly what you'd like. Coupon codes and discount codes cannot be retroactively applied and will not be honoured for re-ordering of cancelled items. It is the customer's responsibility to read the listing or check with us first if you are unsure, to make sure that your order has the pertinent information in order for us to fill it out. Please contactJessica if you have any questions!



We ship worldwide! Customs and duties are the responsibility of the customer. Customs and duties rates will vary by country. If you would like to know the customs and duties rates for your country, we highly suggest that you contact your local post office or authorities to inquire. We will NOT undervalue the total price paid for the order on the customs form. 


By requesting any sort of order changes, you forfeit any type of buyer protection for your transaction.  We cannot change orders after they have been placed. However, we will always do our best to accommodate. Please contact us directly here if there are any questions regarding your order, please contact us directly- requesting for contact in the notes at check-out will not guarantee a response. 


The bottom line is that we want you to be happy! We strive to deliver excellent customer service. However, we need to be in direct communication with you in order to provide you with the customer service that you deserve. If we made a mistake with your order, we will always amend it- We need you to contact us directly! Mint & Birch strives for customer service excellence. Please contact us right away if there has been an error or mistake on our part. Please contact us right away if there is an issue with your order or jewellery.

If you have a concern, please STOP, and do NOT open or wear it. We are unable to process refunds or exchanges on any items that are opened or worn due to hygienic reasons. Please contact us if you have any concerns BEFORE you put the necklace on. Once the piece is worn, it is a final purchase. We cannot accept returns that have been opened. This is dealt with on a case to case basis. Unfortunately because even non-custom orders are made to order, we cannot do refunds.

Because our products are highly customizable, and because we offer so many different options, we highly recommend contacting us before you order if you have any questions at all. We will use the very first font or customization that you type out. If you have any questions at all, please contact Jessica!

We do NOT REFUND OR REPLACE FOR REMORSE REGARDING FONT CHOICES. This is NOT not negotiable. Font choices are always final. If you have any questions at all, please contact us prior to ordering if you have questions. 

If there are any discrepancies between your drop down selections and your notes, we always follow the drop down selections first. Customers assumes responsibility that the drop down menu selection is reflective of what they want.

If you have any concerns, we are here to help. We are more than happy to assist you and address any concerns and questions that you may have. Please contact us directly here.  If you have any questions or concerns with your order, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.
It is important to note that each piece is hand stamped. There may be slight variations in depth and spacing of each letter or character. Though we make our best effort to make sure everything is as precise as possible, anything created by hand will have slight variations. If you are looking for something that is more precise, please consider the engraved pieces.  We do NOT exchange for normal handmade differences. Customers are responsible to thoroughly read the listing before purchasing and carefully selecting options. We do not refund due to buyer's remorse. It  is also the customer's responsibility to ensure what they had purchased is what they would like.

Why do you charge in USD?

We take pride in ethically sourcing all our materials within North America. Please read details here.  We charge in USD to ensure accurate pricing. You can use the currency viewer at the bottom right hand corner to view prices in your currency before checking out.


Orders placed with incomplete customization notes will be cancelled. Engraving uploads (signatures, etc) with images needing extra graphic design work will be cancelled and you may have to re-place it with a better image. Let me know if you would like tips on how to take the photo so that it's clear and bright or how to get the best image! If your order is cancelled due to incomplete customization notes, and the code expires, the code cannot be re-activated. Please contact me if you are unsure about your graphic or notes!

One code per purchase. Codes will NOT be applied retroactively, and this is applicable for any code given, including giveaways, adjustments, discounts, promotions, or gifts.



Repairs and chain replacements are a service we provide! Please contact us if you need a repair or adjustment. If your clasp is faulty we will fix your clasp within 60 days of your purchase. If you are within the 60 days of purchase, and your chain breaks please email us with a photo and we will assess it to determine if it was a defective chain.

By purchasing from our site, you agree to these terms and policies. By purchasing from Mint & Birch, customer agrees to all terms and conditions. It is the customer's responsibility to read our policies before purchasing.

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