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About Jessica

A B O U T  J E S S I C A  :

Thank you for stopping by; Nice to meet you! My name is Jessica, and I'm the founder behind Mint & Birch. I am many things: mama of 5, Autistic, Asian, knitter, spinner, artist, friend and lover.
I am an advocate for mental health and mother to my inner child. I struggle with my own mental health, and I am passionate about speaking openly on this topic because we all deserve to cherish, live, enjoy and savour every moment that life has to offer us, even when we feel like we are in the darkness. Where there is darkness, there is also light. Mental health is something that I dedicated myself to speak openly and candidly about because of my struggles with Anorexia, Anxiety, Depression and ADHD. It wasn't until I addressed my mental health in adulthood that I truly started to believe in my worth.

My purpose for Mint & Birch is to celebrate stories and hold space - whether they are ones of sorrow, joy, heartbreak, sadness, triumph, or grief. Everyone has their story to tell and jewellery is a way that we can honour those stories. My favourite word is Kintsukuroi, which is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with real gold, making the break a beautiful feature of the piece and enhancing the value of the once broken piece. This was my story for my 3rd baby, who born via traumatic c-section that I had a hard time healing from. (Read more here!)  My goal is to celebrate your stories with beautiful jewellery! Most importantly, Mint & Birch is my creative journal. 

A little about our jewellery... I strive to offer up my best here at Mint and Birch. To read more about what makes our necklace special, please see here
Thank YOU for allowing me to capture these special moments in the form of jewellery!

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