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June 03, 2015 2 min read


Our eldest turned 4 in April, but I haven't had a chance to post about his camping birthday party until now. But now is the perfect time to post because it's time for camping season!! We had a small, simple party for him but it was a blast and our little boy enjoyed it so much! Here are some photos and some ideas for a camping birthday party!

cookies2      party1

Camping cookies: The Whisk cookies. Hand baked and hand crafted by Julie! Check out her other designs on Instagram @shopthewisk. Her designs are immaculate and I can't believe what she can do with icing! She can create cookies for any occasion! Perfect for a camping birthday party!
Tassel Garland: Fun Fiestas by Ili. Ili also creates the prettiest party noise makers. Ever!
Camping cake: I will admit... this was not Pinterest worthy. I bought this cake the morning of the party at Safeway and asked the bakery clerk to add some trees on the first chocolate cake I could find. I bought some camping scrapbook stickers from Michaels and plopped them on the cake. Simple and easy!
Fresh Fish: Goldfish crackers- always a hit with the littles!
Smore Station: Also a hit with the kids!
Branches: Pretzel sticks
Bear Poop: Chocolate covered almonds!
Other fun foods: Bear Claw baked cookies, Cheetos for "fire flames," chocolate wafer straws for "firewood" and gummie worms tied onto some chopsticks as bait!

kitchen   branches

And I think my most favourite part of the day was when we showed him his mint blue kitchen! Two weeks before his birthday, my son asked specifically for a blue kitchen. We couldn't find one anywhere, so I painted a DUTKIG Ikea kitchen mint blue with chalk paint and finished it off with a sealer!