Hand Lettered Proof


This listing is a hand-lettered proof! I will personally hand letter and script something for you! This is done in my writing, with a pencil in hand, manually just for you. The stamped fonts are not available for this. This is done in my writing, freehanded, so it's not possible to pick from the font chart!  ♡ 

We will email your proof out within 48 business hours, often much quicker than that.  Once you approve it, you’ll use one of these listings here. This will be for one proof for ONE necklace with 4 different options to pick from. 

In the notes, please type what you'd like me to hand letter for you! If you want a heart or dot in between words or names, please let me know! I will hand letter the customization as you requested exactly. By purchasing a proof, you trust my artistic eye to create something personalized for you.

Please note that each proof is done by me on my own time. While I charge a small fee, commissioned custom hand lettered pieces go for much more than this. I charge a minimal cost to cover for a small portion of my time. Please do not order a proof unless you have the intention of ordering a necklace. Of course, you are always free to do as you wish, but I ask that you respect my time.  

Hand lettered necklaces are done on a standard size bar, heart, or disc. These are one sided at this time. 

I will personally hand letter and script something for you! This means that the fonts for stamping are not available, as this is done in my writing. You can request for a style or feel you'd like it to mimic, but it will not be done in the same fonts as our other fonts as this is free handed in my writing. At this time, drawings other than rainbows and hearts are not offered. This will be offered at a later date for a different fee. 

Please do not be vague in your request. By default, everything is scripted (cursive, connected letters). If you indicate printing, it will be printed (no connected letters). If you need something specific, please indicate it. Please be specific in your request. The more specific, the better! For example:

Please do NOT say "I want a font like the one on the necklace with Kingston that you did." Instead, please specify exactly what you want.

For example, "I would like the letters in the name to be mixed upper and lower case." Instead of “Please print the names,” please indicate if you’d like it upper case, lower case, mixed, scripted, etc.

If you want mixed styles, you need to indicate which name  corresponds with which styles, or what styles you like, otherwise everything will be scripted by default. Some different styles for each name are: 

- all lower case printed 

- all upper case printed 

- name printed with mixed upper/lowers 

- scripted 

The more specific, the better! ♡ If there is no info, we will simply script it by default as that is the standard for our hand lettered necklaces. 

Further changes will need to have an additional proof purchased, please note any specific requests as you may have them so we can make the first proof perfect for you! 

Please check out separately for your proof!  


Please note, engraving is a completely different look than hand stamping. The impression will not be as deep. Hand stamping involves bending/warping into the metal so that it makes impressions in the shapes of letters. Engraving is a light removal and a slight alteration in the texture of material to make out shapes and images. We reserve the right to rotate your images as needed on the disc, unless otherwise specified by you. Each engraving will look different based on each graphic or image submitted by each person to have engraved on the piece. Stamping is more visible than engraving, but engraving is smoother than stamping.  Engraving has a more holographic and subtle appearance that is more or less visible depending on the angle at which you view it. 

These are handlettered by Jessica. The file sent to you cannot be used or reproduced for anything outside of purposes for Mint & Birch.  It may NOT be used for commercial or personal use, use, printed out, or electronically shared. We retain copyright to any artwork sent to you. By purchasing, you understand that you will respect this.


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