A B O U T  M I N T  &  B I R C H
Nice to meet you! My name is Jessica! I am the mama behind Mint & Birch. I'm Canadian, and I love toques, toonies. I say 'eh?' a lot, and yes. I do say "sorry" a lot! Thank you for stopping by! I am a wife, mama and friend. I love all things Mint. And birch. On a rainy day, you can find me snuggled up on the couch with my family with a mint coloured blanket. 
I started this company when I was just a new mama. It started out as a hobby: I would create pieces of jewellery for myself and for my friends. It was a way to spoil myself, my friends and to let my creative juices flow! Little did I know, my hobby was going to become a business! 

Because I focus on customized nest jewellery, I have the honour of hearing the stories behind the pieces that are commissioned. Stories of new life, milestones, celebration, weddings, joyous events, but also of grief and loss. I am so humbled to be making these special pieces. The most important thing that I have learnt as the owner of Mint & Birch is not how to run a business or how to make pretty jewellery. But instead, it's really shown me how important people and relationships are. And, I am so in awe of all the love that there is in the world. I see...friends who order their friends nests when they have a new baby because they believe mama needs to be spoiled.. doting husbands who fumble to pick just the perfect piece for their wives...Boyfriends proposing to girlfriends with a nest ring as a stand-in for an engagement ring at the goldsmiths'... new mamas picking out nests for their own mamas with their grandchildren in the nests... best friends ordering for each other... and the list goes on. 

A little about our jewellery... Mint and Birch strives to create unique, creative and different pieces while still be able to be paired with a classic timeless outfit, like a little black dress. For example, our stamped jewellery is created with bars cut out of brass. These brass bars are special because they patina into a warm, beautiful colour over time with wear. Our nest pieces are hand woven, moulded and sculpted with care and attention to detail. Each bend and twist in the nest is purposely created with the overall look of the finished product in mind. We do not simply purchase pendants and string them on a chain, but we hope that you see that each component of our pieces are carefully curated to create a unique look. 

Thank YOU for allowing me to capture these special moments in the form jewellery!

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