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Fitting Multiple Names on a Necklace

Need 4 or more names on a necklace? No problem! We can make a necklace necklace to accommodate the names you need, or a longer phrase desired! Though we cannot (usually) fit 4 or more names or words across a bar, we can still design something for you! Here are some of the options you can pick from! 

OPTION 1: Hand Lettered on a Bar or Disc
Because Jessica personally draws each letter, she have control over how big or small the letters are, allowing us to maximize the amount of space on a bar. We can also write on two lines! 

OPTION 2: Stamped on a bar, stacked in two lines of text in the MINIMALIST font
The minimalist font is clean, small and very crisp and allows for us to put a small amount of letters in a small space. Some alternative fonts that may be used are Tiny Sayings, Atticus. However 99.9% of the time, only the Minimalist font allows for an aesthetically pleasing format while still being crisp and clear.