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Proof: Notes on Pendant Shapes

BAR: If you want a double sided bar, let us know what you want for each side. You will get 2 options for each side. You can pick from any of our bar sizes: Confetti (0.75 inch), Petite (1 inch), Standard (1.5 inches) or Luxe (1.75 inches). They are all 0.25 inches tall. Recommended sizes are as follow below, however, we can resize almost anything to fit the proportions of the customization. Please keep this in mind when picking your size.

Confetti: 1 word, name or date 

Petite: 1 word, name or date or two small words

Standard: Up to 3 words, names or dates. Possibly 4 if they are small ones

Luxe: 4+ words

DISCS: Discs require Jessica to take a little more creative freedom, especially if there are more than 2 words on a disc! If you need 3 or more names on a disc, I may need to change up the order of names indicated. Depending on your name and how many up/down swings there are in letters such as g, t, y, b, etc., I will have to move the names around and curve the baseline so I can maximize the amount of space that I can use! Please be specific with your request on how open you are to allowing Jessica to take creative freedom. 

For discs with lots of names, you need to allow Jessica creative freedom: exaggerated, loops, larger/smaller letters, dancing baseline to make words and names fit into each other, some names starting with uppers/lowers as I need to get them to fit nicely into one another, fitting like puzzle pieces!

If you want the names to appear in a certain order, the name will not fit like puzzle pieces.  

HEART: If you want a heart pendant, please let us know how you will want to hang (on the side, straight across, etc.) If you’re not sure, you can just leave it up to Jessica and she will design it for you!

OVALS: Ovals are available in 4 different sizes below. Here are the dimensions and recommendations:

Mini: 4x6mm (Recommended for initials) 
Little: 6x8mm (Recommendation is for ONE name or word) 
Middle: 8x10mm (2-3 words)
Tall: 10x14mm (2-3 words) 


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