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 Thank you so much for requesting a custom commission!  Your request has been received!

Please check my current offerings, the piece you requested may already be available to commission! Please see HERE.

 What will happen next? 

If your request is specific, I may offer you a direct link to a reserved listing to order your piece directly from the site and I can get started right away on making your piece. I may email you with more questions on what you might like if you are wanting something more customized. I will make sure to keep your responses in a safe place so I can get back to you. 

To clarify, it is not a waitlist. I am an artist before a businesswoman. My canvas is Mint & Birch. I will go with my gut and with what inspires me. I will go with what I feel drawn to in that moment. There will be days where I feel drawn to simple things. Or, on another day, I might be sparked and inspired by something detailed or emotional. I will sift through all requests to see what I feel called to that day.Yes, I realize it sounds like I am just going to “do what I want.” But this is exactly what an artist needs in order to produce meaningful work. An artist needs to go with their heart, and that’s what I am going to do.

Now, having said that, I will still put up a select items that can be simply ordered off the site for those who do not want to go through a form. Some of those items will come and go as I have availability. Those would be straight forward pieces like the pick-a-font bar or some hand lettered pieces and ready-drawn designs.😊

For current offerings of items available without needing to go through the custom commissions for, please see here below:

Current Offerings HERE

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