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Engraving vs. Stamping

What's the difference between engraved and stamped? 

Stamping involves impressing a shape into the piece! A metal stamp is placed over top of the piece, and hit with a hammer to stamp the shape of the stamp into the piece. This leaves a physical, tactile feel of the customization into the piece. With stamping, each letter and design is hit into the piece to create the customization. Stamping is deeper than engraving - you may even see shadows of where the metal has been impressed around the customization, and this is called embossing shadows! You can physically feel the stamping with your fingernails. With stamping, customizations are a little bit limited because in order to create the customization, a particular metal stamp has to be used. 

Engraving involves altering the surface of the piece to create the impression. Engraving is not as deep. It has a holographic look to it, in that it may look different in different lighting! It has a beautifully elegant feel to it. Engraving, like stamping, is also permanent and will also last for years to come. Engraving has many more customization options than stamping because it is done first digitally via a graphic. We can turn drawings, signatures, heartbeats, and almost anything into an engraving! We create a graphic based on your customization and it is engraved onto your piece. Engraving has as silky, sophisticated feel to it! 

In short, engraving involves altering the surface of the piece to create the customization, and leaves a smooth and silky feel. Stamping involves hitting the piece and indenting the metal to warp around the metal stamp with force applied by a hammer. Stamping leaves a finish that you can feel with your nails.