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    All Engraved Pieces

    Options for engraved pieces are endless! Have a signature or drawing you want to put on a necklace? Or do you just want a clean, simple look while being able to preview what your necklace will look like? Pick from one of these options below! 

    Hand Lettered Custom Bar from $90.00 CAD
    Birth Flower Disc from $66.00 CAD
    Mama & Babe Discs from $81.00 CAD
    Engraved Add-Ons from $26.00 CAD
    Footprint Heart Engraved from $90.00 CAD
    Rainbow Necklace from $51.00 CAD
    Hand Lettered Add-Ons from $22.00 CAD
    Hand-drawn Rainbow from $64.00 CAD
    Honey Bee Diamond from $74.00 CAD
    Honey Bee Bar Necklace from $90.00 CAD
    Pinky Promise from $64.00 CAD
    Birth Diamond Necklace from $74.00 CAD
    Adventure Necklace from $64.00 CAD
    Mother Necklace from $46.00 CAD