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Bar Necklace •Pick A Font•

Design your own necklace using this easy font picker! You can generate previews using the customizer above! 

We will size everything to fit aesthetically on the bar! Please ensure you spell your names and dates correctly in the preview generated as we will use that to create your customization.

If you’d like mixed fonts, please let us know in the notes which fonts go with which name. If you’d like a heart or a bullet between names, please let us know in the notes box where you’d like them.

There are also small images from the list below that you can pick from! These designs are drawn by Jessica! If you ask for a heart for this listing, it will not be connected to the letters. If you would like a custom drawing, please see the hand lettered option

Choose from 14k Gold Fill in Rose or Yellow Gold, or solid sterling silver. All our pieces are cut, filed and polished by hand out of sheets of ethically sourced precious metals. We finish every single piece by hand using only professional materials and no machines. We pride myself in the shine and sparkle that we put into these pieces! We hope you enjoy them as much as we love creating them. They’re a labour of love! 


If you type in commas, periods or any other symbols without any specifications, they will be engraved as is. If no separators are indicated, we will just leave a small space between the words or names. Want a vertical bar? Just let us know in the notes and we will drill the bar so it can hang vertically!

This piece is engraved. To see a side by side comparison between engraving and stamping, please see here.

All our pieces are lovingly gift boxed in a foiled Mint box, ready for gift giving to yourself or a loved one!

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