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Celestial Hope Oval

Note from Jessica: I’m not sure what I had in mind when I drew this, but I wanted to include a doorway, the waves, the moon and the stars. The gravitational force of the moon and its phases affect the way the tides roll on the surface of the earth. Truth be told, I kind of made this piece as a reminder that it’s okay to have phases. These phases change the way the tide ebb and flow. The moon has phases, and so do we — we can fully and are allowed to honour those phases. The door way represents the power that we step into - the power within ourselves that is as strong and enduring as the relationship between the moon and the waves.

This design has been hand-drawn by Jessica. 

This oval measures approximately 8x10mm. (Middle Oval)

Choose from 14k Gold Fill in Rose or Yellow Gold, or solid sterling silver. All our pieces are cut and polished by hand out of sheets of ethically sourced precious metals. Every single Mint & Birch piece is polished by hand using only professional materials and no machines! We pride ourselves in the shine that we put into these pieces and we hope you enjoy them as much as we love creating them. They’re a labour of love!

All pieces are
 lovingly gift boxed in a special Mint & Birch box, ready for gift giving to a loved one or as a gift to yourself!

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