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Custom Drawing Necklace

Customized drawing necklaces to hold your loved ones tight. Using your photo(s) as reference, Jessica, our in house illustrator, will create a minimalistic line drawing for you to engrave on a necklace of your choice.

  • Inner Child and Adult Self: Using a photo references of yourself as a child and yourself as an adult, I can create a piece with both yourself and your inner child together.  
  • Portraits of children, pets, loved ones: Photo references do not have to be just one photo. I can use as many photos as you would like as reference to create a drawing that is most sentimental. For example, if you have two separate photos of two separate people, I can put them together. The more reference photos you provide, the more creative I can be! 
  • Stretch Marks: Celebrate your body's journey. I can draw and engrave a piece with a beautiful lace-like drawing on a piece.
  • Custom floral bouquets: Using a photo of your own bouquet or florals I have already drawn, I can put together a bouquet on your piece. 
  • Have any other ideas? Please let me know! 

How does it work? Please fill out the request form below. Upload any references you would like! Please note that pricing for the piece itself is the same as the pricing you see for the custom engravings on the site. However, artwork payment is not included in the final pricing and will vary based on design.

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