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Dottie Disc Necklace

Who else is a fan of miniature things? This is a little miniature necklace! 

The Dottie necklace was created to be a dainty, miniature, little itty bitty necklace. It measures about 1/4 inch wide in diameter.  Please see the listing photos for a size reference next to a dime. This little disc is cut by hand out of sheets of thick 14k gold fill or sterling silver, perfect for every day wear and hangs on a sparkly chain. 

In an effort to be sustainable and responsible with the Earth's precious metals and resources, we cut these little discs out of sheets left over from cutting our other necklaces such as hearts and larger discs.  By purchasing a Dottie Necklace, you are contributing to the responsible and sustainable use of the Earth's precious metals and energy used to mine and mill these sheets! 

We recommend wearing the Dottie just below the collar line.  

Available fonts are below. Each letter is teeny tiny to fit on the dottie discs - at about 1.5 - 2mm tall. 

Choose from 14k Gold Fill in Rose or Yellow Gold, or solid sterling silver. All our pieces are cut and polished by hand out of sheets of ethically sourced precious metals. Every single Mint & Birch piece is polished by hand using only professional materials and no machines! We pride ourselves in the shine that we put into these pieces and we hope you enjoy them as much as we love creating them. They’re a labour of love!

All our pieces are lovingly gift boxed in a foiled Mint box, ready to be gifted to yourself or a loved one!

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